Wraith should be faster in my opinion, anyone care to elaborate on your opinions?


There’s always lore, we need Game Theory in this community.


What do you mean by that? Like the YouTubers?


Yeah. That’s what I meant


I really liked the idea of Wraith but the application didn’t sit well with me, either because she ended up feeling too weak against good teams, or because she felt very cheesy against random players.

For me it was all about Goliath/Meteor Goliath and Bob!


Is there a good player base on PC, unlike Console?


I don’t see anyone having a problem with their genders other than you. I don’t know what politics your involved with in real life, but it’s best to keep those off of this forum as it can lead down a very slippery slope of arguments.

Wraith being “feminine” has nothing to do with balance or her strengths/weaknesses, but her kit does.

And the “who” would be the one who heavily influenced the lore in the first place. Even the eggs in Nest mode are just portals from the monster’s dimension to the humans.

Anyways, this thread has wandered off far enough.


Hiding and stealth died with Stage 2, just floor it and eat. criss cross your paths ect. you’ll be fine.


I’m not involved in politics, but I might as well close this topic, thanks for making me feel like a outsider. I’ll relook myself and laugh about it in a few years. Thanks everyone for all your responses even though I did get a bit off-topic, it was still my topic but whatever. Thanks.


You no longer made it about Wraith being faster, you brought up many statements regarding Wraiths gender, which was not needed. This thread went south once you started the accusations.

If I upset you, it wasn’t my intent. I was merely trying to inform you that bringing up politics is against the forum rules. Even if you don’t classify it as politics, it’s one of those topics that can lead down a slippery slope, and as an example here we are.

This thread can still be salvaged if you want to continue the discussion on Wraith in regards to her being faster.

Or you can create a new topic if you wish to discuss other interests then you can create a separate thread, once again staying within the lines of the forum rules.

These forums are indeed nice and inclusive, but in order to maintain the upmost respect for each other and the rules we have to abide by those rules. If you haven’t read the rules are already, you can access them through the Hunters Guide to the TRS Forums under the FAQ section.

Anyways, I feel like I’ve said enough, so it’s up to you if you choose to continue this thread, or make a whole separate thread (in regards to new topics).


Closed as requested by OP.