Wraith should be faster in my opinion, anyone care to elaborate on your opinions?

Wraith is slow, incredibly slow which doesn’t seem logical. I mean, she floats and moves with her hands, which seems like she’d move faster, I don’t think she needs a buff or a nerf. She’s just slow, which doesn’t agree with the low armor and health she has. If she moved a bit faster, like the speed of kraken mid-air then yeah, it wouldn’t affect her other abilities as they are more close ranged, except for Warp Blast and Decoy which can vary on the player. Any Opinion? My wording might be a little off or wrong, but anyone? I play XB1 also.

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I believe her slow movement speed is to counter her burst traversals/ability speed for get away and kiting. I could be completely wrong though as well lol.

Probably a good thing =P


Wraith was originally much faster, however the problem this caused was very real frustration in game because of a combination of how the game mechanics worked at the time, and the realities of how easy it was to track something moving too fast or too far in too short a space of time.

People have said in the past that perhaps Wraith needed to have a slight buff in overall speed by changing the way her traversals worked, and that had some merit, but I also like how the devs were moving the wraith before development finished… if hunters really stretched out to chase you then you could burst damage the loner nicely. I think I’d like to have seen more of a way for her to force that situation of splitting a team up more than worrying about her speed.


I see where your coming from, I honestly didn’t think anyone would respond, I just got Evolve a few months ago and it was fun but got a little desolate. Thank you.

Nice explanation, I never thought of that, although the warps are a little small, or for say short. Which should have been my main reason for this topic.

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They used to be longer. Traversals and warps. Combined that with the how the dome used to take a few seconds to actually drop, it took an extremely good trapper to dome the wraith more than once/twice a match. But that was a long time ago.


As @SQUARENecron says, they used to be longer, however the other reason they got made shorter was that it was easy for a Wraith to warp a long enough distance that it was hard for a hunter to track where it went. This was the source of frustration. Unlike, for example, Goliath who traverses relatively long distances depending on height but also slowly… the Wraith moved that distance so fast it was disorientating for many players.


You would be surprised how many eyes are lurking around here. It might not be the “biggest” community, but you’ll come to see soon enough it’s one of the best, friendliest and coziest places you’ve ever been. :slight_smile:


I came here a few times looking for questions that had already been asked but most of the community play Stage 2 and Lagacy as I only play XB1. Wraith having an invincible Decoy for a fixed amount of time to Behemoth continuously rolling because of a perk. I’ve been way in the past. Nice to see people still populate the community though and thank you all for opinions on this topic.


Wraith is tied for 2nd for my most played monsters, so I’ll give my 2 cents.

I believe that her speed is fine, from a traversal standpoint. She has a small body/hitbox, and thus she has medium mobility and low HP.

When I play her, at stage 1 I go 2 into warp blast because it adds a whole 'nother traversal boost. This gives me a great head start, and combined with feeding routes I can easily get to stage 2 before the first dome. However, I play her as an aggressive type, focusing more on WB, Abduct, and SN. Decoy in Legacy wasn’t the best, and basically pointless in combat and thus I never used it.

This means I’m always zipping around the dome/map and avoiding damage constantly because the assault has to try and keep up with me.

The one buff I’d like to see added to Wraith is 1-2 more bars of HP, because Torvald and Markov can tear through her if played right. But she’s exceptionally well in Legacy, albeit decoy isn’t worth putting a point into not even at S3.

Then like @DarKastlez said, there still is a community here, however TRS no longer can work on Evolve as 2K owns the rights to Evolve and stripped TRS of their contract to work on Evolve. Rather unfortunate, but most of us active users are waiting upon TRS’s new game, but that release will be years down the road.


I feel like the people whom created the Monsters were a bit sexist for say. Not trying to be rude but seen more on Wraith but also Gorgon have lower health than all the other Monsters. As you know, OG, MG, OK, EK, and BB have wayyyy more health than them. I mean yeah, @trs may have a good reason for this, I’d love to hear it. She relies on contact to do damage, and most comps on Evolve use Lazarus/Emet, Hank/Sunny, Maggie/Wasteland Maggie, and Lennox. Which do lots of damage up close and from a distance. Yeah the medic is your focus but… if your against a cordinated comp. A
Comp that doesn’t hang around the Relay once you hit stage 3, they have a plan that works for them and doesn’t for a Monster and points are hard to come by in the ranking system. Just my argument. Also what matchmaking is dead, it’s takes at least 20 minutes. Who says girls can’t be Monsters or Villans.

next time you play, travel upwards with warp blast and a couple traversals… when you get to your peak, spawn a clone and start bursting around the canopies. It is one the best ways to move around quickly with the wraith

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Not really, the Wraith in the Beta of Legacy was extremely mobile: her warp blast could reach around 40 meters in a fraction of second, her Decoy allowed her to warp and attack while beeing invisible and without decloacking. And she had even less health and armor to compensate plus the fact that her max armor couldn’t increase when evolving. Even if she didn’t have a lot of survival potential, she was extremely mobile and acted as a sort of hit n’ run monster, perfect to disorientate the hunter players. But like I said, it was in the beta version of legacy, and even if it was in the beta, it still happened in the past…and then the community yelled at TRS because the wraith was OP, so they nerfed her to the bone to stop the yells from the community.
IMO, I don’t think that they would be sexists at all in this kind of scenario.


I know all about using Warp Blast to get up high and kite to get extra distance. I only use the faster eat perk in matches because it takes less time to eat Mammoth Birds on feeding trails. I’m also elite on all the Monsters so I’ve had my fair share of debating whether this or that one is better, because in the end you’ll still end up with 4-5 bars of health in the end unless your really skilled.

Not really. The monsters were built around their kit, not their gender. Wraith was built as a nimble assassin, and while currently she doesn’t have huge mobility (I believe that she does have huge mobility though) she certainly has a small body and hitbox.

In the lore/universe, the monsters do not have Genders, as the legendary Evolve writter has cleared up:

Why would TRS be sexist when the monsters don’t have male/female genders, we only identify them through their silhouette (which would make us the monsters).

This also comes down to balancing.

Small hitbox = small health pool. Then the complete opposite for Behemoth, who has a massive hitbox and massive health pool (and thus acquired a passive in stage 2 where he takes even less damage).

Kraken I believe has the lowest Armor of any monster too, thus because he is hard to hit in the air and/or far away.

Maybe currently, but not in the past.

Laz is countered by Kelder, Behemoth, Gorgon, Meaty, and a good Goliath.

Deployables are her weakness, but if you hate playing against deployables, then Behemoth is the go-to for destroying them.

Hank and Sunny have always lead the front line of supports because of their strong defense capabilities, not really being countered too hard by any monster.

If the hunters do this, then they aren’t coordinated of if they are, then extremely stupid as decent players will peel back to the relay once the monster is about to reach stage 3, this way they can grab perks and set up where they want to.

I’ve won games where the hunters dome me on the other end of the map when I evolve to stage 3, down the trapper or another hunter and book it to the relay and destroy it before they even reach half way.

Welcome to the corporate world where 2K canceled the Evolve contract with TRS and the game has been in an almost-dead life support for the past 9 months.

Plus most of the Evolve playerbase has dispersed into other games, and since Evolve is 2 years old, no one will want to loyally play a game that old and with horrible stigma when upcoming titles don’t have that negative stigma.


Xplo, you’ve got all the arguments possible and I couldn’t say more or better than you. La j’avoue, y a respect!


Thank you for the brief explanation,
I guess things were different back then, wish I knew about the game when it came out, where was I? I started using Behemoth more for arena and less for hunt and Gorgon more for hunt, it’s always better you switch back and forth from time to time. What Monsters do you guys main, if not Hunters.

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Bob, Goliath, and I was a mediocre Gorgon

The community might have better taken it, if they used “it” instead of gender insight in the game. Even the hunters say gender upon contact with Monsters. That way the community could decide for themselves. I like thinking of a Monster as a girl. Wraith looks like a girl, sleek and dark but she could be a guy but I choose to see her as a girl, because it fits. Who said Monsters couldn’t Reproduce, even if it’s a 1 in 100 chance. Hmm.

The writer for Evolve did, he also said their genderless and lack reproductive organs according to lore.

All the male-female stuff is just what the Hunters say.

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