Wraith seems weak


The amount of shit im gonna get from this from all the newer players will be immense, but the fact is shes weak: Her brawling ability is very weak, and a good team of hunters can down her easily. Shes just simply very fragile and lacks consistent damage, while “isolating” a enemy is not a thing in this game, getting over to help a hunter can take 10 seconds max, while being stealthy is impossible with the new planet scanner. Its just simply not fun to play her, she isnt stealthy anymore and cant lock down a single isolated target which is rly unfortunate.
Now mby im just not playing her right (even after 20+ games trying different perks and strategies) so gimme some tips on how to play her. but the current wraith is definitely not what shes supposed to be: a stealthy hunter that isolates a single target and kills it…cause rn shes nothing. Every single monster outclasses her since they have more health/armor, more disruption abilities and just generally are a lot better.
Regard, Radicator

NOTE: a good wraith can definitely put up a fight and win, but she could need minor buffs, and tbh i miss the fact she could go invisible which made her to a force to be reckoned with. If that could be implemented again somehow that would be awesome


yup after 20+ game she become worst and worst the more the skill level increase i say pick another monster and play with it since she will stay here it seem
maybe you could get silver with it still other monster are better


im behemoth main anyway so idc. But it is sad since imo wraith is the coolest looking monster, but i just need a skin for behemoth and im set with him for life, his kits fits me 100%


ouch behemoth maybe later but for now he even have a warning
behemoth is currently being rework
maybe when he will be done


Wraith is actually arguably the worst monster (Gorgon is up there) but Wraith is probably going to get buff in some way.


The problem is that wraith’s kit isn’t as “sneaky” and hit and run as one would expect from her looks and feel.

She’s not a brawler, yet her kit makes her look like one, warp blast is a perfect brawler’s move, just close the distance and BAM.

Abduction and Decoy are the only real sneaky hit and run abilities, one takes them out of position while the other makes a distraction, which is useless, but it does good damage.
And SN is bad on a near comical level now.

They either need to rework her or her variation into a tankier brawler or ranged fighter, or an actual stealth monster :confused:

SHe doesn’t have the health or damage to survive in a dome vs a good team, hell, not even a goliath has.


Well at this point she is a brawler because she has a brawler kit. And i don’t think that they will make her a ranged fighter (not 100% sure on this one) and I fell like the the assassin wraith is not going to happen so probably she will become a brawler.


Well then they better buff her a lot then XD


10 seconds without shields or heals is plenty of time to down a Hunter. More than enough.

But yeah, Wraith is a pub-stomper. Needs major nerfs, but will never get them.


wraith was feeling so much better during the whole “decoy bug” cause it was a real decoy instead of a 7second damage boost that nobody pays attention to cause it doesn’t last that long, has next to no health, and doesn’t do that much damage if your just moving cause it will then spend most of its time getting to you and do near to no damage if it even lives that long


I’m inclined to say Behemoth is currently the worst monster, but I dont play Wraith. Cant even pubstomp that well with Behemoth anymore.


Ahahaha behemoth worst? try wraith or gorgon now. Stop this… Behemoth isn’t weak(only vs crow).


He was far from worst up until 2.06 released. With all the solo queue buffs he struggles like all other Monsters to get away and even succeed in combat, particularly because his mobility is worse now.


Wraith has always been a weaker monster and TRS has never been able to find a balance point for her. The only time she was ever any good was during her flee till 3 but that was also nerfed to the ground. The next time she was ever good was when her decoy lasted 30 minutes because it actually forced people to shoot it to bring it down and serve its porous as a decoy. People have gone back to ignoring it.


I used to love Wraith, I stopped caring for her after they completely removed her Supernova glow.


I feel like I’ve had a match against you and lost as a slow monster. I want to say Behemoth or Gorgon.

Not sure, can’t remember.

Edit: I remember now, I was Wraith and I ended up winning but that assault was doing ridiculous damage, almost hacker worthy. I say this because I was running damage reduction and my health was still melting. Also, the guy had a 25 game win streak whilst everyone else was much lower.

The team members were: Odellus, Setsunai Seken, Mattecko99 and you, QueenMe42. I think I have a video of that game.


Indeed that was me, i was behemoth. As i said in a earlier comment hes my main.
He isnt weak, in fact when played correctly he can be insanely powerful.
The issue is he is slow and way too dependent on his roll ability which isnt as good anymore as it used to be, and his wall got nerfed to the ground after they changed it so only the height would increase instead of the width.
Also when did we battle, do u remember? Cause i havent lost with behemoth for a while
Regards, Radicator


Why did I get a reply from you; I’ve never seen your name before lol. I was also talking to @QueenMe42 and I was playing the monster.


Oh mb xD
I got a gmail notification and there it doesnt show to who u reply, so i presumed it was towards the OP (me)


You should go up against the people I fight as monster lol

If you are Behemoth; you’re not getting away and you won’t down anyone. You’ll be forced to run and when you do, they will constantly chip you until they find a nice open area to dome you in. The only chance you might have is if you run double Movement speed buffs but then you’re definitely going to suffer because the damage done to behemoth without Damage reduction is cry worthy.

In fact, I could upload a match where I try out movement speed instead of Damage reduction.