Wraith rendered unplayable


Basically I have been playing as Wraith for the weekend challenge in order to win the skin.

Aaaaaaaaaand i’ve discovered that the monster is no longer viable by any means, if you cant get at least four strikes in stage two it’s GG and you’ve lost.

Wraith is far too slow to play anymore, traversal needs buffing or increasing and so does the duration of decoy or supernova. Perhaps increasing the health/armor bar would compensate for the amount of damage taken by being slower.

Food for thought.





as bad as most pubs are i actually think hes not trolling.

pro tip

3 warp blast 3 abduction


Dude, 20-1 just cuz of Torvald spam, Wraith is stronk af.
How to be successful as Wraith
Step1: don’t choose decoy
Step 2: profit
PS: If you feel too slow, use the movement speed perk, I feel like a bloody ninja


All but two of my Wraith wins this weekend were stage one’s and the matches lasted less than 5 minutes.

I’m pretty sure they thought I was the decoy at first and didn’t start shooting until after I landed my first warp blast.


Her traversal was way to fast. She is fine the way she is. Though to be honest i think her movement speed should be increased she seems so much slower than the other monsters .-. Also the super nova duration can do with a slight increase as well it just seems to run out way to fast.


Lul. Wraith my main and she’s damn fine. Warpblast is op as heck. Carries her very lackluster kit.


Decoy and SN feel like garbage now, i always go 3x warp at s1 and 3x abduct @ s2


I haven’t lost with wraith since the patch and I’m not very good. 3 in warp and abduct is a bad build imo because it gives good teams too much time to heal and recharge between abilities. I go 2/1/0/3 at stage 2. Use supernova to buff your other abilities and to melee people as they’re falling after you’ve abducted them. Make people waste their jetpack and go to town with supernova. It gives you more than enough time to do awesome damage or down someone.


i won at stage 1 WB 2 SN 1 and i had 2 complete bars of health at the end. I do admit i feel much more scared when i play her now because she is more challenging but she is more fun now. I also admit that maggie torvald cabot and slim are pains in the ass. And Decoy is shite


supernova wraith =dead wraith vs a decent team

stationary wraith = dead wraith :stuck_out_tongue:


Not if you use it properly. You don’t have to be stationary when using it. You can use it to buff your other abilities and the mid air melee you get after an abduction.


yeah i won at S1 with SN if you use it correctly its amazing well let me fix that it is pretty good not AMAZING


Woah, that was some quick profit. No “???” step required? Impressive.


Stage 1 wins are right quick yo


stop ghetto doesnt suit u you man especially not in text


Keep it civil in here, please. :smile:


OP… you must be one of the guys who ran decoy wraith at launch… sorry, but your tears are delicious as that doesn’t work now


I like step 2. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like you might have been a Wraith on crutches