Wraith redesign ideas


Before we begin, I’m a fairly experienced hunter with around 70 hours. I’m definitely not the best, but I enjoy the game.
That said, I think the wraith could use a redesign. This isn’t necessarily that I think the wraith is broken, or under powered, or anti fun, or whatever hot words you see.

I think she has a problem in that her skill floor and skill ceiling are both too low. Currently, none of her abilities require “skill shots” or however you name it. Abduction is the closest, and I actually think it shouldn’t be impacted for the most part.

Anyways, here’s my ideas. They kind of based on my dealings with elusive heroes in mobas.

Warp blast
Wraith detonates into three smaller versions of herself, two acting like the decoy AI and one under the control of wraith. They all have one bar of monster HP and must be killed. If all three are killed before the effect fades, wraith reforms and takes 1 bar of HP damage. If any survive, she reforms at full size on her controlled one without taking damage. If her controlled is killed, she is switched to a random remaining warp. During the split, she cannot use any other abilities. In addition, her traversal bar is split three ways so she can only use it once at a time before waiting for it to refresh.

I think it’s in a good place. This is a really cool ability that can be used to set things up well. May need some re-balance, but design should stay the same.

I really like this ability. It reminds me of a berserk style. However, I think it can get very annoying when you’re being smashed into a corner. Now, wraith becomes ethereal allowing her to slice through the fabric of the world, striking without the constraints of the world slowing her. However, because she has stepped partially from this world, her blows have reduced kinetic impact and will knock back less. Does affect warp creations and decoys.

No idea who came up with this, but I really liked the idea. I’m recreating it here.
A decoy appears, one for every hunter, and begins attacking each respective hunter. The wraith is placed onto the nearest hunter but may use decoy again to cycle through, leaving a decoy in its place and attacking the new target. Each decoy may be destroyed upon receiving one armor bar worth of damage.

There may need to be some other things involved, like a maximum range for spawning decoys and swapping to them, but I love the idea of the wraith combining abilities well. Abduction into supernova into decoy, and once decoys are down splitting with warp (which may need to be renamed).

I understand this may be a ton of work for the devs, but I think the wraith needs some changes, and simple number changes won’t fix the big problem that the majority of the player base complains about.

WRAITH Advice For PUG hunters

That actually sounds really awesome. I doubt it’ll happen, but it’s a great idea. Supernova doesn’t do any knock back -at all- at the moment, though.


Decoy - this is how I would like to see decoy work…Decoy when used should make a copy of the wraith that is an illusion , so now you are looking at two wraiths…it has minimal health and deals no damage… (it is an illusion , it’s not real)…

It’s value is the confusion it causes…this would stop the level 3 decoy spamming, get caught hit decoy , hide and then warp away…and repeat…

It’s dull it’s boring and most people hate it.


Warp Blast may be powerful, but I would mourn its loss on Wraith and I don’t see a need to so redesign it.

I’d add a short cooldown between traversals and Warp Blast to keep them from being quickly spammed in succession, though.

Edit: Cutting down on its frankly absurd range may also help bring the escape use in line.

Nowadays I’m fine with Abduction.

Supernova seems fine as is - healthy play pattern of a significant damage threat that leaves the Wraith exposed.

That…would be cheesy for Decoy.

I’d change it to make a Decoy Wraith that fights alongside the original, breaking when it takes enough damage.


Wraith is fine as she is, just has too much health for her overbearing damage output. The only real change that could be made to balance her out is to make Decoy fade after taking only a slight amount of damage. Currently it needs to much, and does too much, to make it reasonable. Other than that, She functions fine, and a smart batch of hunters should be able to do fine against her. Unless she’s T3, in which case a smart wraith will 100% of the time win with current mechanics.


The problem is that those ideas are hard to design and to implement. Just read the dev milestones. There are tons of cool ideas, but most of them have been thrown away, because is to complicated.


Oh I definitely agree. But I think wraith’s inherent issues are not in her numbers, which would be easy to change, but in her design.


Decoy has infinite HP. The only benefit of dealing damage to it is that it tells you it’s a decoy when it flashes white.


I think anyone putting too many big changes in to the mix will be disappointed. TRS have a vision for wraith and that’s how they want her to be, I doubt they’ll change things up too drastically, I also don’t think they need to.

Here are small things that they can do that will help make the game fun without nerfing the wraith itself…

  1. Remove a significant proportion of decoy’s attacking power
  2. Make damage on the decoy provide damage of a smaller proportion against the wraith proper.
  3. automatically tag all monsters in a dome, no more hide and seek sessions
  4. introduce a slightly longer cooldown between warps

These 4 things can be changed without fundamentally altering the character of Wraith, while at the same time rewarding good hunter play and reducing the usefulness of decoy (or rather re-aligning it as a, you know, decoy, while you as wraith move into position for attack).

Warp blast, abduction, supernova… they don’t necessarily need to be touched as long as they seem balanced in the telemetry (I wouldn’t be surprised though is supernova requires a radius decrease or a damage nerf).


I would change her spacebar-warp to have some cooldown. and make her do some noise when not sneaking.


Wraith redesign idea



All jokes aside I like your ideas!


Her traversal already has a large cooldown. See for yourself- it speeds up in combat, like the other two Monsters, but out of combat is is very slow. Seeing as Warp covers very little distance…


i mean cooldowns in between uses of her warp, so she wouldn’t be able to triplewarp into warpblast from one side of the arena to the other in only half a second (and therefore being able to skip every single mobile arena the wants)