Wraith Recovering Health from a Dead Body


Was running Solo-mode custom defend mode playing as the wraith - practicing :smile:

I was eating the bodies laying around just inside the second section as shown below and it gave me part of the bar of health along side the armor. Only happened twice so I’m assuming it just bugged on the body I ate? I think it was the first body there, but might have been the second.

Anyway, was just in the game when it happened so decided to post real quick. Since I’m just posting, I haven’t attempted to reproduce, just didn’t want to forget to post on it.

EDIT: Second Defend run it was a different spot that gave health, but it was a smaller amount this time:

EDIT 2: Game crashed on that second run D: I was 75% through second rank of supernova so that’s a bummer


I can’t help ya, but I use cosmetic skin too!


Nah, I was just reporting the bug. Its not supposed to give health, just armor.

Cosmic skin set is my favorite so far :smile: