Wraith = Ragdoll


Are all wraith abilities and attacks supposed to knock me back? It seems that if it sees me it just keep a pushing me atound the battlefield away from my team until I die.


The same as every other monster. Every skill except aftershock knocks back from Kraken. And every skill except Flame breath has knockback for the Goliath.


Hmm. Seems more prevalent with the wraith I guess. Can’t seem to disengage. Any trick? No problems with this happening with the other monsters


In general supernova is what I’m going to assume is knocking you around as it does seem to have a larger affect than others. My advice would be always have two jetpack dodges ready. If you use them both to go backwards you’ll be out of the range of the supernova.


What this man said. If the wraith abducts you, jet backwards immediately and you will usually make it. If the Supernova bubble goes up, head for the nearest edge you can with all alacrity and you will be fine.


No its everything. I don’t assume you’re an idiot. Don’t assume I am.

Uncalled for sorry. Just seems everyone on these threads would rather assume I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about than think that something might not be doing what its supposed to. On a game. That had a 3gb patch day one…


Supernova removes knockback/knockup so that is incorrect