Wraith question (Stealth?)


I’m new to Evolve, and started playing Wraith due to his playstyle. However, how do I become “stealthed” after I use Decoy? Cause I do not know how to trigger it, and when I have played against one, they can become invisible, but I can’t. How come? What is the keybinding I have to press?


:thinking: They shouldn’t be able to go invisible at all


I saw the “Decoy” video that shows how the ability works, and after the Wraith uses decoy, it can go in “stealth” mode. Look at this video and you’ll understand what I mean :slight_smile:

Go to 1 minute and 47 seconds, and you’ll see


In evolve stage 2 wraith can’t go invisible unlike legacy evolve.

Instead you and your decoy work together to fight the hunters this makes her much more aggressive and less stealthy but that doesn’t mean it can’t be used to juke hunters.

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Decoy was reworked for Evolve Stage 2 so she no longer turns invisible. Instead you are able to attack and use abilities etc without the decoy disappearing. :slight_smile:


My friends said that when I left, and a Bot was playing Wraith, it became invisible :confused:


does your friend have a screenshot or video of this?

It is intended for the wriath to not be invisible when she uses decoy if she is then thats a bug.


Are you on pc or console. Consoles haven’t had the update yet.


I have this on the PC.

And I’ll try to make them take a picture so it can be fixed :slight_smile: