Wraith Problems



Not to be rude, but the wraith skin is going to be won by a long shot.

I hope you guys are aware of how broken the Wraith is, and that today’s patch is adjusting her values. Behold, I have video of what happens in every single wrath match ever.


The problem is that Warpblast is too strong, but if you nerf it the Wraith is going to suck. You need to adjust the abilities so they are all viable so it isn’t just a warp blast spam fest. I suggest making the cooldown longer, or make it take longer to explode the closer it is detonated.

Weekend Challenge: Hyde Vs Wraith (Wraith has won!)

I hope Wraith wins but Hyde is a perfect Wraith counter.


I think the wraith haters will never be satisfied. They fixed her when she was broken and just ran all game long. Now she actually fights, got supernova nerfed hard, warpblast slow travel time and you guys are still complaining? How much do you want her nerfed. Every single skill she has AND her traversals have all been nerfed except abduction. She doesn’t need anymore nerfing.


Exactly…Come on, are you honestly still calling for Wraith nerfs? Warp Blast is slow. SLOW. Extremely, laughably slow. Pathetic. It’s a joke.


Bro its all about that three point abduction stage one. Nothing will escape your grasp.


She doesn’t need any more nerfs, plain and simple. Who cares that Warp Blast level 3 is super strong when it has become much easier to dodge because it is slower and doesn’t travel as far. Supernova lasts half the time it used to, half…
Abduct is one of her best utilities now and it is still kinda buggy. Sometimes you miss the hunter but you clearly hit them, or vice versa you missed but somehow the hunters are grabbed anyway.

No nerfs, If anything a buff at this point (More armor).


They took 10% of the damage from supernova, and gave it to Warpblast. Yet I still see people saying that Warpblast is too strong.


I am so sick of people complaining that wraith is OP -.- do you ever see wraith’s in tournaments? no you don’t because she can’t get away and once you find her you have to dodge/shield ONE ability and that’s it. If you still have trouble just pick Val, Crow or both for the most simple cheese ever her and Behemoth are the most UP monsters by far because of their bad traversals.


I really don’t know what to tell you guys.

I’m not a wraith hater, but monsters shouldn’t be winning at stage 1 easily in less than 3 minutes because of a single ability. Perhaps a friend @MaddCow can come here and clear things up, he knows the competitive scene better than I.


Maddcow already responded to a similar thread. Not to put words in his mouth, but wraith is a viable and powerful monster that can only take advantage of player mistakes. Unless the monster went for the damage or cooldown perk, it shouldn’t be winning too easily unless the hunters give it lots of mistakes to capitalize on.

Look up a forum post I think is called is wraith viable. You’ll see his response there.


Actually lvl 3 Warp Blast’s radius is too big. Damage is fine, speed is fine, cd is fine. Definitely needs a reduction in radius by 5-10% and maybe increase in speed to compensate.


Î agree a bit less Radius and you have better to aim.


Even smaller radius? How much more easy mode do hunters want it? You can see it coming a mile away and its slow as hell. If you stay bunched up in a group and refuse to use your jetpack you deserve the defeat. Wraith needs no nerfs hands down, she needs a buff if anything at all.


what are you talking about? Wraith is insanely strong with warpblast.


If you lose to a stage one wraith with only warp blast, you’re doing something wrong.


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To everyone who thinks wraith with 3 warp blast is easy, please hit me up on this post and we can do a custom. I’m serious. You win, i’ll shut up about this and never bring it up again. You lose, well, then you realize the strength of this.

Only requirement is that you don’t use Torvald+Cabot. You can use one or the other, but this combonation is the only one I know that can beat this strategy and it’s counterintuitive to show you the strength of this is you use the only team that can stand against it.


What system.


What system?

I mean, I assume it would be best of three, random map each time, no wildlife buffs to make sure it’s completely fair so I can’t get cdr or dmg perk.

All characters allowed, just don’t have cabot + torvald. One or the other, but it defeats the purpose if you use the only combination I have found to work. I suppose I would prefer no Sunny, but if you guys want to use her I won’t say no.


pretty sure he meant the platform. pc/xbox/ps4


Woah there guy, I didn’t say it wasn’t hard to deal with. I have similar forum posts venting my frustration as well. Against a premade with experienced players, the wraith is doomed. Against a pug, it can be a nightmare. I can respect that.

I merely relayed what maddcow said in a previous post and told you where to find it.

Personally, I think the wraith is very abusable.