Wraith Poison Ivy Skin


I did a typical lazy recolor of the normal Wraith, which to my amazement ended up looking better than I had expected.

4th Of July Themed Skin?

I forgot how much I loved the IMC sniper model. :open_mouth:


Moving this over to Fan Art so people don’t think it’s a new skin.


You know, when you said poison ivy i was expecting a thong and some leafs on her :neutral_face:


and a red jacket that only barely passes her by the nudity line?


I’ll never get why she still bothers to wear the jacket in the Arkham games.


idk either i mean use the plants to cover it if its a big deal


Yep and she’s probably the only reason why the game is M. Haha


I’m actually looking into how to make bumpmaps so I can give her a swimsuit to cover her lady bits.

@TheMountainThatRoars would a wraith in a swimsuit be too riskay?


I figure lore-wise its to tease batman and other would be hero types, but in reality its to titlate the reader.



Uhhhh, for safety sake I’m going to err on the side of caution and say “Yes”.

That being said, you can always check with @MaddCow @Plaff or any of the other mods.


I’ll ask @Plaff but then again the wraith is already not wearing anything. So already NSFW by default.



Are you asking if it’s okay to post photos of said skin here?


Yeah is it safe to post a picture of a modded wraith in a swimsuit? I mean considering she’s not wearing anything now.

But not posted specifically here but on the skin mega thread or something since she will be very different from this.


I’ll confer with the other mods and see what they say.


I’ll send you guys the actual picture when I figure out what it would look like,

It’ll still be a regular wraith nothing provocative, but with a swimsuit on it. XD


It only took me one year to get a nice share badge with this post. Thank you guys. :laughing:


Smacks face


Can I close it now? Actually I dont know why I would close it but… Y U REZ


Close it up, it make a nice TBT thread someday.