Wraith players UNITE!


I want to know everyone’s opinion on wraith with the new micro patch is she perfect? Does she need some more adjustments? Just anything about our amazing monster :smiley:

I personally love wraith and think she is perfect the air melee is fixed warp blast and abduction are so much better and I can finally fight premades now.


I’m a pretty average Wraith Player on XB1, I’ll try her out there and let you know what I think!


I LOVE using wraith whenever I’m feeling cheeky… I once had half a bar of health left, 1 hunter down. Armoured up, sent a decoy, decoy killed 2, abducted one, and just to insure a win, I pounced him. That’s why I play this game.


She is crap now.

The strike reduction buff means it’s that much harder to kill a team stage three than it used to be. The Emet buffs combined with the beacon make him quite strong now. Hyde is also stronger now that his fire damage stacks, so you put him with WLM and there is a ton of damage just trying to focus down a single person.


DPS went down, Burst went up, she’s a bit better when dealing with hunters, but not much of a difference from the last patch. TU9 aught’a put her back to where she was at launch.


Wlm and Hyde damage stacked before this update afaik. Hyde, caira and sgt hank didn’t stack with each other though, now they do.


Won like 4 of 4 games with her yesterday. Seeing less wasteland. Patch is perfect but Sunny will still be a challenge.


I have only played Wraith in solo against bots so far. I am currently searching for a match against players on Hunt. I will let you know. :wink:


Really didn’t change much of anything for me. I always abandon decoy go all in the others. Specifically 3 warp blast 1 abduct 2 supernova at stage 2. Then I pick a target and murder it down. However the new Meteor Goliath changes have me interested. I might switch mains, always wanted to watch the world burn.


doesn’t multiple attacks from meteor goliath stack 2?


I do not believe so


aw that would have been amazing throw a burning rock at some one the fire them up with some breath


I’ve only played Wraith once since the new macro patch came out and she was pretty spazzy and laggy. But it could’ve just been my xbox, not sure :sweat_smile:


The air melee is still the double slash but it feels better, not the same but much better, at least offline (haven’t been able to go online yet)

She feels better overall :grin:


From what I’ve read I got the impression different abilities will stack with each other, so I think it comes down to whether Meg’s ability dots count as separate in that respect.


just checking in after trying meteor goliath. Hes good now but, the new emet murders him.


She has always been better,even with nerfs and buffs.She will always be better.


I think she’s still trashy. Boring fighting against her because everyone just plays FT3, playing as her is bad because only two of her abilities work.

Her melee is still bad, the heavy at least. Though I don’t mind her melee damage nerf.

She takes longer to turn than for TU9 to drop.

I want to Photoshop her face on a turd but I’m on my phone. This picture will express my opinion on her.


Warb Blast buff was a Step in the right Direction. She Still feel shitty.


The heavy melee is still bad online, doesn’t get stuck every time but it still happens 8oo10 times.