Wraith passives?


Sooo the Wraith doesn’t have a passive ability, in the coming patch Goliath will be able to climb faster than any other monster, the Gorgon can cling to walls, Bob can deal damage with his traversal, Kraken can fly, etc, etc.

Why not give her no movement penalty for using light/heavy melee in combat (this is prrovided she doesn’t already do this, I don’t think she does)? Something like boosting her overall movement speed is something most players would be against and was one of the primary concerns at launch.



She doesn’-

You answered your own question.
She has that :stuck_out_tongue:


Actually she doesn’t. :stuck_out_tongue: Try out a supernova on a fleeing hunter, you’ll fall behind without burning a traversal or two.


She does. I’ll look for the dev comment.


Wraith already does this.

I got you.


You da best <3


I stand corrected. Thanks for the input!


Do you want this thread closed seeing as how the question has been answered?

######Don’t tell me you want another passive? :stuck_out_tongue:


Word on the street is that some, all?, of the other monsters like our Lord Goliath will be getting this treatment as well…


Climbing speed bonus for all!


Oh I do.


… in all seriousness, thread can be closed if someone so wishes it to.


Closed as requested. :slight_smile: