Wraith overpowered



how can be possible that a monster have speed,stealth.dmg + shield seriously in the 20 hours i been playing this game i only killed one and because he never played as a monster you need to implement changes to that monster. If you dont believe me do a survey in the community look at the win ratio, UNBALANCED in all aspects


you aint wrong boyo, she just got a slight nurf and shes gonna get a bigger nurf next patch. Cheers


They alreayd nerfed Wraith a bit, now its time to try to break those +15 wins streaks


This has already bin addressed, and a patch is incoming for it in attempt to bakance it out. There is also about 20 other “Wraith OP” threads you didnt need to make a new one.
@Buckets_Sentry_Gun @TheMountainThatRoars this is the ump-tenth time for a “Wraith OP” thread. Merge into an existing or close please?

Edit: oo oo oo or @Jedi_Warrior cld handle this one too now :smiley: