If she assassin - why her skills do so low dmg? She must deal more dmg than goliath.
If she brawler - why she have so low hp? Give her hp like goliath then. It’s impossible to fight vs premade with Kala.
Devs u really overnerf her… And the reason here - stupid pugs, who can’t learn the game. I don’t see op wraith threads anymore, and last time i seen her pick in game - 1 week ago

Possible buffs:

  1. Better decoy (right now it’s useless)
    a) Give decoy SN proc again
    b) Increase decoy time ~10 secs

  2. Better SN (mimic and SN worst monster skills in the game)
    a) After you cast SN field pulls the hunters to you(short range)
    b) SN without field
    c) More atk speed

  3. More hp. Seriously a melee fighter with low hp? Give her +3-4k hp

ps. sry for my bad english…


Wraith does not do low damage, she’s actually one of the highest damage dealers hence why she has low health and armor compared to other monsters. One Abduct and Warp Blast on a hunter directly can pretty much take em’ out if not saved by medic or support. If Wraith had the health of a Goliath she would be unbeatable lol.


Nah… Kraken and Kelder both deal more damage. Even Goliath stronger now(after buff). Right now she totally suck. I can’t win tinkerbell premade combo or emet, hank, maggie combo. It’s impossible…


@Sharpshooter You should be saying she does terrible DPS follow up. Once Warp Blast and Abduction are spent, your DPS goes down the shitter.

To alleviate the problem with tinkerbelling, press Warp Blasts button a second time to detonate it before the end of the path. If you max it, you’re guaranteed to hit something mid-air.


LOL!!! Dude you know how many hours I have playing Wraith? One Abduct and WB does NOT almost take out a Hunter. Her damage SUCKS.

Just for starters… Abduct in itself, the actual ability, does hardly any damage at all. You do know that right? The damage you get AFTER the Abduct is all you’ve got…and that damage can be negated through crowd control and jetpacking or tinkerbelling.

Goliath can do more damage than the Wraith and Wraith isn’t even any faster than Goliath… and the Wraith has terrible HP and Armor.


She’s actually one of the lowest damage dealers in the game now(ok, better than gorgon).
With Abduct u must aim(and we all know, its not like aim with Kraken, or aim with Goliath… It’s very hard). And there we have: jetpack, hank shield(almost every game), Trap(maggie, e griffin, etc), assault body block.
WB (u must aim this too): you can just jetpack and lol at wraith, same with SN(even no need jetpack here). And decoy useless right now. Yeah, she is the best monster ever!


Even on Legacy Evolve she’s pretty crummy.

I’ve been recently “wowed” by Kelder because his damage is redonkulous but this is Legacy dunno much about Stage 2 but I’m sure it’s a safe bet that Wraith still blows.

I’m sure some of the problem is her inability to combo Abilities with Melee attacks because she has a delay programmed into her… meaning that Behemoth can do combos better and faster than the “Assassin.”


i like your post…

“If Wraith is a brawler, why so low health”
"If Wraith is a assassin, why so low damage"
If Wraith is a tank, why so low shields <–you forgot one


The Why though, as everyone guess is because newbs fear her… they fear her greatly.

So Wratih is destined to be the low tier monster it seems.


While, I agree with your notion this is the absolute worst way to fix Wraith. No slows.


General feeling on wraith being too weak right now.

  1. Warp Blast- I think it’s in a good spot right now and I compare it with goliath’s leap smash.
  2. Abduct- I believe the casting time, not cooldown, is a little slow. Something like a ten to twenty percent decrease would go a long way. I compare this with other skill shots like rock throw or lightning strike. It may be weaker but it pulls hunters out of position which is just as important as damage in fight. Good, just a little slow.

3.Decoy- It’s damage, hp, and attack rate are in a good spot I think, but with its duration it is not as viable as I think it should be. I understand that you don’t want the decoy to be too powerful but, the duration is so low that it is better for the hunters to focus you instead of trying to deal with the decoy threat because it fizzles out by the time they would kill it anyway. I suggest that the base decoy duration be something like 12 seconds with an increased cooldown time to compensate. Also why not let it combo with Supernova with a smaller boost to it’s attack speed? I compare this with other fire and forgets like spider trap or banshee mines.

4.Supernova- I feel that the duration is a little low and since there is no DoT, a small damage boost with a second or two added to compensate. Right now it’s too inconsistent in the damage that it does. Also since Super Nova Increases attack speed why don’t let it increase move speed by a small amount while in it? That way it would increase consistency by being able to stick to targets a little better. I compare this to Fire Breath and Acid Spit.


She is total trash she has no attack that even begin to compare to the power of a 3 point RockThrow. A 3 point Warp Blast is a joke compared to a 3 point Rock Throw or Leap Smash. How can the lowest hp/armor class in the game, have pretty much the worst damage in the game? On top of all that her attacks aren’t reliable. Warp Blast and Abduct can both be blocked. I can faceroll premades with Goliath but if I pick Wraith? It’s a complete struggle and 15 minutes of total frustration.


Supernova is garbage. All that has to happen is you get Crowd Controlled by the Trapper and you lose whatever damage that ability would have given you.


same with leap smash or charge, dont see your point


We don’t need more SN duration. And the reason: Abduct>WB>SN<trap and u stuck for 3 seconds in trap, cause u can’t hit trap in SN(bullshit).
Better idea will be: field deals dmg over time or field must be something like black hole(Enigma ult in dota). After you cast SN field pulls the hunters to you(short range).


Old wraith was more of a sneaky monster capable of punishing hard if you could make an opportunity. Now that the game has had a pace change and level redesign the wraith playstyle mechanics just don’t work anymore. Wraith needs a redesign from the ground up not number tuning. It is a monster with a kit that will be too effective or too little effect based on how they try and balance the numbers. Plus hunter comps create wildly different fights for wraith making OP/UP extremely hard to determine. The simple change of trapper from Abe to Griffin or Jack will create extremely different chances at winning.


I think she should just be given more health and armor. Even one bar each would make a difference. The problem is she relies on 1 or 2 strikes at a time but she can’t sustain it against good teams because eventually they wear her down. In the early game the fast dropship timer really hurts her. She can’t hang around long enough to make the downs really matter even if you do get them.


Leap smash has a fairly decent area of effect at least.


Wraith - Goliath but with Boobs, and less HP.


I understand why Wraiths supernova has a duration but, why is it also limited to an area? Why not just make it a mode she’s in for a set duration only, instead of putting more limitations on her damage?

I just want to see more monster variety in ESL and high level play in general. It’s always the same Meteor Goliath/ OG Goliath and the occasional Elder Kraken pick. You’d think those were the only monsters in the game.