Wraith - op?


In general and my opinion I believe the wraith to be a little too powerful or overpowered. I don’t toss around over powered a lot and it’s not that I think any of his attacks deal too much damage, it’s just the warp blast ability warp distance. What I mean by this is the warp blast damage itself is fine with me, but coupled with the fact that the wraith teleports into the blast is overpowered. As a player I’ve positioned myself on high rocks and was able to warp blast warp ( combined with the regular traversal teleport ) over 100 meters away from my original starting position.

Playing as a team consisting of: Abe, Lazarus, either Markov or Hyde and Hank it’s was almost impossible to keep up with some of these better wraith players. Obviously people who play wraith, or any monster for that matter, who don’t know how to play to the full potential of the monster isn’t going to do as good as they could. With that being said me and my team faced off against a player who understood the wraith very well. The reason why I bring this up is we versed this player as the goliath on three maps prior and absolutely destroyed him. However after he started using the wraith we couldn’t stop him from getting to level 3 in under 5 minutes and absolutely destroying us. The reason wasn’t necessarily because we couldn’t deal damage or trap him in the dome. It was because that warp blast allows the wraith to teleport an amazing amount of distance away from his original starting position.

Coupled with the traversal warps and the warp blast a player can easily achieve a distance of 100 meters away from the hunters. To me this just seems a tad overpowered, I don’t feel like a warp blast ability should allow such a far warp especially combined with any of the in game albino stamina or traversal perks or with a passive perk of traversal stamina. The wraith can just warp so very far away if ever confronted by the hunters and even if the wraith is trapped it’s so very easy to hide with decoy. If the hunters are unable to trap a beastly wraith player as level 1 and do good damage the game is basically over. Wraiths can just warp over plenty of distance to escape and just go about feeding to evolve.

Warp blasts combined with the eating animal’s fast perk and the regular traversal warps make the character a TAD overpowered IMO. At this point in our series of matches against this player we managed to trap the wraith a few times as a level 1 monster. We dealt damage but inevitably the wraith escaped and at that point in the match, even with tracking darts, we simply couldn’t keep up. That warp blast into traversal warp simply put allows for too great a distance to be traveled. The monster player at this point didn’t even need to worry about sneaking as he could simply warp so far away we couldn’t trap him in the dome or keep up.

I’ve watched several YouTube video’s on the topic and like I said I don’t mind the damage the wraith does, but being able to teleport nearly instantly over 100 meters away without any traversal stamina or stamina in game albino or passive perks is just a little ridiculous to myself.

Part of the reason why I make this post is I’ve beat this one player in particular really bad when he was playing as the goliath, but once he put on wraith it was just a closed and shut case. Be that a lack of skill on me or my teams part I don’t know but it seems to be rather curious that this player couldn’t stand a chance as the other two monsters but absolutely destroyed us as a wraith. Maybe that’s part of what makes the wraith good? I’m not sure, but I’d like to see what other people think as I’ve taken to YouTube, forums, and custom games to work on strategies but as of right now I feel like being able to warp over 100 meter’s almost instantaneously is just a little overpowered IMO.

I feel if the distance in which the wraith was allowed to warp blast was reduced this would help a lot of players out and not just myself. Whether it needs the nerf or not is what I’m trying to figure out and I’d like a good discussion on this topic. I’ll state again I don’t mind the damage it does, nor the traversal warp in general, but that distance the wraith gets with warp blast coupled with the traversal warp allows the wraith to almost always escape an encounter with a hunter and thats not even including the passive perk or the albino perks picked up in game! Fast eating and a level 3 warp blast right off the bat basically makes it so a wraith playing person need not stealth simply because a hunter cannot get near enough for a dome.

That’s my opinion, please feel free to comment ( I already know I’ll get trolled for this ), but I would like a decent conversation on this.
Thanks for reading and good luck hunting.


and just to clarify, No I DONT think the decoy ability is overpowered because it is meant for a wraith to be able to escape. Oh and one more thing, if you’re a non believer and think the wraith is fine. Start a custom game with some friends, go on any map with a high up vantage point and try warp blasting into the traversal warp and see how far you can travel nearly instantly. To make this even better have one of your friends tag you with a tracking dart so they can accurately tell you how far you just traveled, this is what I did with my friends.


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