Wraith OP?


First off let me get this out of the way. I play mainly as a Hunter (usually medic -> Lazarus and I have only played as the monster 2 times) and play on ps4. With that being said, I’m a little confused as to why so many shout “OP!” when it comes to the Wraith. I usually play with at least 2 friends in my party, but by no means are we elite Hunters, as we have only played since the full release and usually only have time for a couple hours a night. What makes the Wraith so OP in the eyes of the community? With even the smallest amount of communication and team work, any monster can be fought and killed.


I don’t know what level your guys are, but the higher you get, the more tricky and brutal do the monster players get and the need for communication gets higher.

Also, I think there’s good few threads out there where people talk about the wraith so I don’t think it was necessary make yet another. Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Call it a knee-jerk reaction. Wraith required a different hunter skill-set to be able to hunt effectively. Most PUGS don’t have good teamwork and having a Stage 3 Wraith that just fled for 20 min. with Decoy and then just spammed Decoy+Supernova on a poorly communicating team was frustrating.

Now I’m in matches where if a Wraith does that, 2 of us can usually cut her off and harass her all match, maybe catch her off a fresh Evolution and punish her. If we can’t we hunker down at the Relay and make a final stand, usually with the battle falling in our favor. Now Wraiths are finding out you should try to get some strikes first or you might as well quit.


Playing Evolve I’m not a mod.


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He’s asking what is OP not complaining it’s OP :wink:


I know, it’s just that there’s been quite a lot of these topics too. But hey never mind then. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can someone please explain to me wtf this term “PUGS” is, I see people typing it everywhere and i cannot make sens of it

Here, this is a freakin pug


Lol! Totes dorbs…

But a PUG is just a group of randoms, not an organized premade party.


Stems from public gaming/pick up groups, it’s a bastardization of ancient internet gaming lingo.

In essence, you just outed yourself as young or new to online gaming in general =)



I just don’t understand why everyone’s first reaction when they lose must be screaming OP instead of looking back at what went wrong and trying to adjust. I guess that would require logic, which, in most cases, is non existent in online gaming lol.


People are lazy. It’s so much easier to just complain on forms to the devs instead of actually getting better. They’re probably thinking in their mind oh there’s just no way he beat me this many times Im usually great at this game. They say this and that need a nerf because it couldn’t have possibly been their lack of skill against a certain player.


Sooner or later I’m gonna get banned from the forums for responding to an “…is OP” post with my gut.


As the Wraith I have targeted an Assault with their Personal Shield on, used Supernova, broken their shield, taken them down and killed them all with the one Supernova.

That’s the only thing I feel is OP about Wraith. Yeah, it’s the thing’s only true Offensive attack, but I still feel like it adds a little too much. Especially with how quickly it can cooldown shivers


Supernova damage, Decoy’s ability to Supernova, maybe Decoy’s frequency. They should just give you longer stealth and have a longer cooldown if it can be spammed. But tonight I won all my matches against Wraith, and it was Goliath who was winning. Players know her tricks. People just get frustrated right away and run to the forums before learning to fight her and win.


I’m sorry but unless the majority of the hunter team had 2 strikes you couldn’t have done that…

It is powerful but only if hunters allow wraith the upper hand.