Wraith: Once an assassin, now a glorified Creeper

Against experienced players, it’s nearly useless for escapes.

  1. It’s situational on your terrain. If you are in a canyon or flat area, it’s useless.
  2. It’s easily dodgable and ignorable. I’ve not tried opening with it, but every time I use it/see it used, I just shoot past it/move past it. There’s no point to dealing with it. Remember: Once you make the wraith break invis, the decoy is gone.
  3. Spreading out hunters isn’t popular right now. You want them to bunch up so that they can be easily exploded together with your L3 warp blast.
  4. Who doesn’t take rock throw/LS? People with bad aim. You can get more out of aftershock if you can’t aim your lightning strikes/rocks. Bear in mind, “easily” doing damage is the “pro” thing right now.
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Of course buffs are usually paired with nerf downs to off set each other, unless its an unintended bug.

All abilities are situational on terrain. Show me an ability that’s not.

It is dodgable, but you need to dodge it and use your jet pack, which is perfect for when I want to set up an attack.

Decoy -> dodge, warp blast -> dodge, supernova -> no jet pack left.

I’m not expecting to do huge damage to you with it. I am expecting you to have to deal with it while I get into a better position, and you put yourself into a worse one.

Advantage: Me

If they’re spread out or bunched up, I’m still focusing on one target.

If they’re bunched up, great.

More residual damage for the medic to heal up and a split second decision for them to make on who to heal.

The point of decoy is to disrupt and distract.

With regards to rock throw and having bad aim, we’re not considering people who don’t know how to play games and use basic telegraphed aim.

Aftershock is the least popular Kraken ability by far…

Nearly every Kraken or Gloiath you see has 3 in those abilities by stage 2 if they are playing seriously.

I’m not trying to argue that it doesn’t have it’s uses. It’s the least taken ability right now, doing the least damage, with the least utility, and not even working as it should conceptually.

I’m glad you’ve found a use for it. I suppose it can only get better from your perspective.

Right, then you’ve got people saying that stage 3 decoy does WAY too much damage.

So which is it?

It is useles or OP?

And it definitely DOES have utility. Please assess your opinion if you think creating an aggressive duplicate of yourself and going invisible doesn’t provide utility.

It still does everything it did before.

You just can’t spam it in the open – mid combat --anymore.

The point I am making is that EVERY monster has certain abilities that are staple picks. Those you can’t perform best without.

For wraith that’s warp blast right now.

Goliath is rock throw.

Kraken is lightning strike.

Behemoth is fissure.

These are their most dangerous abilities that do the most damage with the least amount of work.

All the other abilities are a preference of play style, which are used to mix it up.

Amazingly, there’s a post for that.

Some really good players and wraith main’s have responded to this thread. I trust their judgement, and it coincides with my own opinion.

Amazingly, Macman already responded in Telementry no the same topic, asking for a decoy nerf:

So really, I don’t have anything I feel I need to prove. Macman and others have already made the proof.

So use it, keep adding telemetry. As for those who feel it’s too powerful… Just realize that it’s quite literally the weakest attack in it’s bag of tricks.

This is the main problem with Decoy as it is currently above all else: its inconsistent. Its either totally useless or borderline overpoweringly strong depending soley on how smart or dumb its AI decides to be at any given moment. Supernova might have been nerfed into oblivion, but at least in the one or two situations where it still excels, you know for a fact that it will work and have complete control over it. You can’t do that with Decoy, you just have to sort of pray that it doesn’t do something stupid.

That’s why I keep suggesting a simplification of Decoy’s AI. Either run in the direction you choose, or go after a Hunter that you choose by aiming your crosshair around them. Make the latter work through walls so that the Decoy will target Hunters that you smell through walls without having to expose yourself instead of running face first into a wall. And for the love of God, make it so Decoy’s AI cannot follow the real Wraith.

That, combined with swapping some of its damage for a slightly longer duration, would make it way more useful in the long run both as a utility and as a damage dealer. As it stands, you have a nearly useless skill unless you sink two or three points into it that doesn’t even last long enough to move from cover-to-cover without straight up maxxing it out that you have no control over at all once you’ve used it. I’d rather it do slightly less damage but be way more consistent and last long enough to actually distract people for longer than two seconds. Increase its cooldown if you must to balance it out, I’d still rather have one Decoy that I know for a fact will do what I want it to over being able to pop three that will follow me, dash halfway to a Hunter and then proceed to dry hump a wall.

I watched my Decoy swoop in once and down the Medic from full health, and both my reaction and the reaction of the team after the match wasn’t rage, or being impressed at a good play, it was “Wow, the Decoy actually did something useful!” Decoy being useful should be the norm, not an anomaly. Fix that, and you fix a whole lot of the Wraith in the process.

EDIT: As a note, when I say “Fix Wraith”, I mean more making her more stealth focused rather than the current lightning bruiser that she is. I don’t mind that being a lightning bruiser is an option, as she’s got the perfect kit for it, but until Decoy and Supernova get some well deserved buffs, an ambush lightning bruiser is her only viable option. By all means, fix Kraken first. I can actually play Wraith without feeling like a scumbag right now. I’m just spitballing some ideas that might emphasize her assassin side a bit more.

I still like the idea of giving Supernova a slow field…

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Actually, I don’t max out Rock Throw. I always felt Leap Smash was a better choice because it let you follow up on combos easier than Rock Throw.

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I’m not sure what your point is…?

The point being made is that certain abilities are damage staples for each monster. Others are not.

Wraith is not unique in this area, like you initially suggested.

The reason decoy has got the lowest damage is the decoy itself is easily avoidable and the amount of damage done is not dependent upon the player’s skill. It’s dependent on AI.

It’s meant to be a utility ability, not a damage dealer. Similar to firebreath, vortex and rock wall.

They don’t do big damage until level 3 and are mainly used to affect the positioning of the hunters.

People complain that when they are hit by decoy at stage 3, it’s too powerful. Not that it’s overall doing too much damage.

“Decoys shouldn’t even be able to damage, never mind outdamage the wraith’s normal attacks” is the message you’ll hear a lot.

I personally never put more than 1 point in it because I only use it for its misdirection utility. Relying on the decoy for your damage output is unreliable.

At stage 3, the difference in damage output vs cool down of the two is quite significant.

8 secs vs 20 secs, IIRC.

I know which one I am choosing. And I know why le pros always choose it.

Once an assassin huh? Strange. No wraith ever tried assassinating me until they had run for 15 minutes, gotten to stage 3, and had a buff behind them.

This patch forced wraith players not to run around forever. I’ll take a fighting wraith over a chicken assassin who doesn’t actually “assassinate” until stage 3 at the relay.

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Leap Smash CD is 8 seconds or Rock Throw CD is 8 seconds?

EDIT : Reason I max out LS instead of RT is because I figured that RT’s damage is still awesome at 2 points. The damage dealing abilities are more spread out.

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Rock throw is 8 seconds.

Leap smash is 20.

Exactly how I feel.

Hit and run, get it done.

Stalking you in the bushes. Coming up behind you.

Flashing at you with a BOOM as soon as you’re up against a wall.

You’ll see stars after my Supernova and be out for the count before your medic turns around.

That’s stupid. Leap Smash shouldn’t do less damage and have almost 3 times the cool down rate. They should reverse the damage or CD. That’s for another discussion though…

My wraith build is 2 warp 1 abduct, 3 warp 3 abduct, then all decoy. I can usually get strikes at stage one and win at stage 2 since I barely use decoy anyways, btw I play sky wraith but not the kind who never attacks and always stays in the air.

Leap smash has a slower cooldown out of combat at 20 seconds.

When you are fighting “in combat” the cooldown is much shorter at around 8is seconds. Warp blast, and Charge also have this quirk in order to reduce they run away potential from counteracting the reduced out of combat stamina system.

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That is because Rock Throw is a combo finisher, not a builder. You use a leap smash/charge to knock the hunters back into a corner and do like 30% dmg, then you throw a full stage3 rock in their face from point blanck and poof, dead hunter. If the hunter survived your rock, your combo failed and you need to start over.

Also the reason why leap smash has a longer cooldown, is that it’s also an awesome traversal ability, same for charge. These abilities are not made for mainly damage dealing imo, but for putting hunters in a corner/out of sight of the healer so you can use rock throw to finish them. And as mentioned by MisguidedWorm7, in combat the cd is less. Flame breath is for anti cloak and doing AOE dmg and widdle the health of the hunters down slowly. I mostly use this first at multiple hunters, so i get some damage in at everyone. Then you use a charge or leap smash to isolate a hunter and then rock throw to finish them. GG.

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