Wraith: Once an assassin, now a glorified Creeper


So i have been playing evolve since day 1 of release, and my objective was to play wraith. Why? Because I love sneaky assassin type characters. And yes I dealt with the constant “wraith is op” “lol no skill plays wraith” bs. I am sure we all did. But i love the playstyle, I never played the whole, run in and kill everyone lol gg thing. I played her how she was MEANT to be played, sneaking in the shadows, hiding in bushes, waiting for someone to come by all by themselves (or isolated for a grab) kill then then dash off again into the shadows leaving a shadowclone behind. They happen to catch me in a bubble? Clone, find a hiding spot and wait until the right moment, pop supernova and when they try to run off, nab them and pull them back into the bubble.

Recently I have been getting my shapely if not creepy tentacles handed to me without mercy. Its been frustrating, I know I’m not bad, but suddenly I have no chance, what gives? Then…I read the patch notes and realize just what happened. Lets go through this shall we?

Warp: Much slower, ya know, the thing that kept you from being hit because you’re so squishy. OH and btw we made it so there’s a trail now even if midair, sorry for not telling you guys that change. oopsy!

Abduction: unchanged, but STILL misses 3/4 of the time even if you hit someone dead on.

Supernova: Duration reduced by 50 percent…oh THATS why i never had it when someone ran away and i abduct them back into the middle of everything to keep trying to kill them. Gee guys, 4 seconds of having burst damage that mind you, for some reason never activates right away (since my first 2 attacks are always normal attacks for SOME reason when i pop supernova now) giving me a whopping 2 seconds of actually dealing damage to someone. A+

Decoy: increased cooldown by 2 seconds. okay that’s fair. i wont begrudge that, gotta use shadowclone carefu-THE FUCK?! becomes visible for a half second when taking damage. wait wait wait so if they happen to miss my clone and hit me (which they usually do) OOP THEY KNOW IM NOT THERE NOW guess this thing is totally useless now as both offense and defense since the moment you do ANYTHING the clone goes away.

Warp Blast: reduced speed by 40% okay less of a traversal skill, range no longer levels up, okay i get it, its not supposed to be a traversal, its a gap closer with some extra damage, gotcha. i mean its not like Goliath has his dash and leap which are both traversal skills, but hey she’s meant to be sneaky looks above oh…right…okay anyway so radius levels up instead and is a maximum of 30 meters traveled…interesting. i mean its a strong ability already its not like they are gonna…damage increased by 10% wait wait wait. so in other words she’s just a giant bomb?

Ooookay then now I don’t know about everyone else. Wraith has been called an assassin (makes sense cuz lets be honest here. Goliath=warrior Kraken=mage Wraith=assassin and Behomoth=Tank). But last i checked by general gaming nuances, assassins, do high single target damage, use their sneakyness to get the job done, get out and be hard to track. Pretty simple classification. Now, lets take a look at current wraith. Speed/sneakyness, gone/useless now. high single target damage gone due to loss of supernova’s heavy nerf.

Is wraith still viable to play as a monster. Yes. She is. Is she what she was SUPPOSED to be, an assassin. NO not in the SLIGHTEST. She is a character that simply waits for them to group up nicely, dashes in and explodes them all. GG. And yes, that IS what she is because i’ve watched a level 1 wraith with maxed warp blast down an ENTIRE TEAM with a single blast who just happened to be grouped up at the wrong time.

Wraith is NOT what she is supposed to be right now. And what i expect to see in the next patch? a nerf to warp blast of course. Why? because people have been crying about it in EVERY match I’ve been in since then. I was “meh” about evolve when it was developing, then i saw wraith and got legitimately excited because she looked like a TON of fun. Can I play her? Yes, of course i can. Will i? No, because this is NOT the way she is meant to be played. Guess I’ll be playing GTA-V until they decide to stop listening to crying 13 year olds and make this monster the way it SHOULD be made.

tl:dr waith is no longer an assassin, she just blows people up.

Redistribute some Warp Blast strength to other skills

Lol yeah. I’m fairly good with the Wraith but she feels like her playstyle is forced and focused around one ability in particular while the other two are sub-par then SN is useless.

Her minor buff to Combat Traversals was nice but she still feels lack luster for a squishy Monster. She’s a little bit better at being evasive than the other monsters but she just feels like a High Risk Low/Normal Reward right now.

I wonder if TRS even listened to the competitive and smart player base with actual experience or if they just went with this:

Sees Wraith OP Thread

Reads “Wraith OP PLZ Nerf!”

Glances at reasonable suggestions for her Nerf

Makes their own adjustments then doesn’t discuss with Player Base about changes

Puts her in a Nukeular Nerf Chamber

Puts back out in the wild and she learns that she is now fat

Time flies by

Tears are shed by Wraiths everywhere

Adds minor buff

lolz she’s baleranced

While I do believed that TRS tried to listen to everyone they need to understand that this is turning into a highly competitive game now and not something that a six year old can just pick up and play and immediately become a pro (like Crack Oh Pooty (You know what I mean)).

The only loyal fan base here are the ones that know how to play while everyone is entitled to their opinion (like I am to mine) not all opinions and “suggestions” are sound.

Wraith was a little absurd before but all that needed changing was to slow and shorten the distance of Warpblast and make Decoy do less damage and then she would have been fine. Nope! Let’s touch everything and not fix Abductions obsurd grab box not working most of the time.

Now ALL Wraiths must Focus on Warpblast 24/7 to do good vs a good Hunter Team. Yay…


Wraith is fun to play, but I don’t like how it’s geared toward 2 abilities. : /


Exactly, it’s forced gameplay.

Edit: Also OP, fix your title… it sounds kinda silly when you try to pronounce it out loud with that spelling.


This thread. I agree 100%.

Either TRS revives her or this game will forever favor the sh*tty obviously unfair Hunters and the lazy braindead casuals who are plaguing this game.

Like it feels like she is slower than Behemoth. Yeah I said it. SLOWER. THAN. BEHEMOTH.

There are literally only two perks I can use to survive as her. Damage Reduction, or Movement Speed.

But that is against bots. Dare I take her online? HA! Good one. I might as well gain 300lbs and sit in a stasis field in a nuclear bomb testing range.

Forcing us to play her this way is garbage and the whining “Press (BLANK) to win” casuals need to sod off and stop crying about everything that presents a challenge.

It isn’t even about “getting good” it is about putting in the effort to get better at the game and overcome your opponent which these crying little whiners are unable to do due to growing up in the “hand-holding” age of gaming that is now.

Inb4 “UMAD” or “Blah blah salty blah blah”

F- yes I’m mad. This game is being ruined.


I laughed. :stuck_out_tongue: Almost as fat as Daisy, no? :wink:

Put the two in a straight up race on flat terrain and I guarantee that Behemoth will win. He can roll extremely quickly for a long time. Wraith? You get three teleports. All three together will cover more or less the same distance as one Goliath leap on flat ground. Did I mention that they’re slow as hell now? Because they are! :smiley:


Totally agree, if devs will keep listening to whiners the game will be ruined. (Goes back to his cave to play NS 2 and wait what the next patch brings).


lmao this thread

filling my cup with wraith tears as they can’t bullshit everyone anymore.

Tell me more about stealth was ruined now that you have to hide from the hunters instead of just stupidly outrunning and escaping domes spamming traversal + warp blast when the trapper was right on top of you.

Also, decoy is invincible, more damaging than your own melees and makes you invisible. Yeah, you shoudl totally be able to use that shit in the middle of a fight and hide in a corner while the hunters take damage from a invincible hurting clone.


Whatever you think, if the devs want to have no assassin monster they will make it so. As for the “can’t bullshit” well people simply stop playing no more no less, check the statistics.


Dodge the decoy?


Fixed the damned title. I’m pretty sure that Wait is OP, too, but man, you gave it WAAYY too little credit in your post…


I agree with this. Wraith is neither my favorite nor my best monster, but Wraith has gone from godly to crippled. Whenever I play her, I feel like I’m playing a squishier Kraken. All of her abilities do decent damage, but nothing even comes close to Warp Blast. I get that it is supposed to be Wraith’s signature move, and to be totally honest, I have always liked it more than Supernova.

Your Supernova problem can be solved, in some cases, by forcing a Hunter into a corner and then wailing on them with Supernova, but some maps, like Armory, are far too open for that option to work when it direly needs to.

Wraith is too sluggish to be stealthy on the ground, and leaves tracks in midair, throwing that strategy out the window. I quote “and this is supposed to be THE HIT AND RUN CHARACTER?” Warp Blast isn’t Abduction. Using it for hit and run basically ensures that Wraith is going to be domed. She is forced to live the “On-The-Go” lifestyle that is far more acceptable for monsters like Goliath and Behemoth, but not Wraith. On a side note, I share your pain with Abduction.

Finally, the matter of the Decoy. I don’t mind not being able to wrap while invisible, but being revealed constantly by the most average Markov player can be frustrating.

I would voice these concerns in my own thread but I was not sure if my opinions are shared. Wraith cannot tank damage pile Behemoth to justify leaving tracks everywhere, she cannot get places like Goliath can, and she cannot do burst damage like Kraken can. Wraith shouldn’t be the jack-of-trades, that needs to be Goliath’s job.

TL;DR Make Wraith the stealthy speed demon she ought to be, and make her other 3 abilities more viable. Giving her a buff won’t make her OP, just remember what Wraith NEEDS to be. - fast and tricky


Stealth is ruined because Wraith is slower than all of the other monsters when you include traversial abilities. Her traversial leaves tracks in mid-air, so so much for that attempt.

Decoy can be useful, but hardly anybody falls for it. If you’re having a lot of trouble with it, use Markov or Hyde. The real Wraith will stick out like a sore thumb because of the flamethrower or the chain lightning. The rest of the team manhandles the real Wraith while Assault solos the decoy.


I’ve got feelings on the matter because I really like playing Wraith when things are going well. I just wish I could win without relying heavily on warp blast. She’s balanced, but only if you play her with 3 points in warp blast early on.

If I had my wishes

  1. I’d trade a 10% damage reduction in warp blast for a 15% increase in damage on abduction.
  2. I’d trade 3 extra seconds of cool down for the ability to use traversals without canceling the decoy (they can even be visible traversals)
  3. I’d trade 33% of the supernova duration for a 33% supernova damage boost.


I personally, after the patch, still play her like you say.

Hit hard one target, get away… Hide… which mean they split up to search me ==> hit hard one target, hide…
Hit hard one target…

By the way, SN can’t incap two hunters now, except if they’re really low health and right together…

Still use decoy, still use SN, but almost not Decoy+SN combo.


Please keep making these whine threads. Wraith is incredibly powerful right now, if you buff it we will be right back where we were pre-patch with people quitting whenever the wraith is chosen. Sort of like kraken is now.


I have to say I agree with most of your post; Just a little confused on why you’re only noticing this now when shes been this way for about a month? Also wanted to point out a couple of things. Wraith was never truly meant to be an “assassin” per say, just happened to be a persona she picked up with her set of skills. TRS made her to be a hit - n - run character. A monster who cannot stay in a fight and must use burst damage, trickery and speed to outplay/ outsmart hunters. And while she fit that role fairly well upon release, players found it easier to abuse her speed to avoid combat until stage 3 and then just mop the floor with uncoordinated teams. Because of these players the nerf was issued. And while some points similar to what you make here are true regarding the effectiveness of the nerf.(supernova nerf too extreme, warp blast buff weirdly niche, unwanted speed reduction) It was needed overall. While at times I find myself missing the old Wraith, I find the new still just as fun to play as, just needs some getting use to.


Wraith was unbalanced and took absolutely no skill

Now the wraith is balanced and now takes skill, that’s why wraith players are complaining.


Wraith went from easy mode to a monster that is now fun to play as you actually need to adapt to her type of play other than before where the ‘assassin’ would run into a fight like a bomb. I enjoy playing her now as it requires skill like the other monsters . Sorry pre patch wraith fanboys lol :wink:


Good to see my thoughts were so well received. Not sure what is wrong with the title of the thread though. Ah well. I am also pleasantly surprised that there is only ONE “trololol cry more wraith nub” post that slings around insults like a child learning his first curse words, I honestly expected more then that. But yes, i expected her to be nerfed because yes, she was pretty damn strong. But nerfed to the point of changing her gameplay entirely? not so much.

@Major_Warrior Mostly agree here. Cant go listening to EVERYONE, best way is to spectate a few games and see whats up. I agree with shortening the distance of WB as for decoy, i honestly feel it should do NO damage. Knockback, yes, damage, no. Decoy should be just that, a DECOY.

@Hexin_Ex You know, i didnt really think about it until you said it but you’re absolutely right. she does feel much slower then him. When i played Behemoth and i got caught out i just curled up in a ball and a few moments later i was on the other side of the map. Wraith? full traversal + WB. i glance over my shoulder and the assault standing 3 feet away smoking a pack of Cools. They made wraith into that one 2D fighter character that spams the same full screen aoe move over and over again until they win.

@MidnightRoses Almost as fat as daisy, but daisy is more useful then her now!! as far as traversals, see previous comment

@GoGoGoliath and yeah, i know about the whole “chase into corner, SN and rape” thing. problem is, not so viable anymore considering you are forced to sit in one place. Did that in one of my last matches. sure i downed the guy…and lost all of my armor and 2 bars of health in that span of time. but yeah, other then the SN thing, i agree with your post completely. Being able to see wraith if she was set on fire or the bloodsplatters of being hit while stealthed was plenty.

@Cardboard_Yojin yeah, you’re kinda FORCED to spam WB. but lets see. 1. honestly abduction doesnt need damage, its utility, it just needs to be fixed so it actually WORKS. 2. myself and im sure the rest of the community is okay with being essentially “silenced” which makes sense, stealth mode. just make it so getting shot doesnt cancel stealth completely. 3. sure, i’d agree with this…if SN actually activated properly when using it.

@DarkThomy hit a target, try to get away, lose 1/2 your hp. try to hide. get found relatively easily. try to evade, die.

sigh i take back my earlier comment. 2 more trololol posts while i was writing this up.

@Craig_Young yes, she’s powerful. as i said. 1 move spam. has nothing to do with strength. its play style i’m talking about here. perhaps you would have realized that if you read the first post. door’s over there. bye.

@divineXdemon only noticing it now because i’ve been playing GTA. not gonna lie :stuck_out_tongue: as for never truely meant to be an assassin…wraith tutorial video “wraith is a deadly assassin” first thing said in the first 10 seconds… and yes, uncoordinated teams. that is the point of the hunters you MUST be coordinated period, the end. thats how this game is MEANT to be played. while i do agree she needed a nerf, it was done way wrong.

@Omega369 yes, it takes plenty of skill to use warpblast over and over again…i wont disagree it was way too strong before. after all if i wanted to i could lvl 1 faceroll people rather easily…oh wait. hold on puts 3 points into WB at the start right…lvl 1 faceroll. huh.

@PipeDreamsMLG she requires none now. there is no stealth, there is no tactics, simply that you hit people with WB. which isnt hard since its AoE is pretty big. wait for them to group. WB. swipe once, group dead

tl:dr for the trololol 2 line post people. not saying she wasnt OP or isnt now. I am saying she was changed into something she is not.