Wraith new skin idea?

I was thinking and I suddenly thought of a skin for wraith. What do you guys think of a Mantis skin for wraith?


All I can say is

Death to Wraith

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onyx black like a xenomorph …

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Here you go.


srry if it isnt Neon on photoshop its horribly drab

Best idea every xeno wraith that’s the first thing that came to mind when I first saw wraith

That actually looks amazing I think :smiley:
If it were a little more polished, I’d buy it

I don’t like it too bright green that’s just tells the hunters hey wraith is right here

yeah i would too and is polish it if i knew how

In the game itd be darker green but in photoshop it was either neon green or drab green

@EyelessWolf: Nice colors! I just changed the brightness a bit, the colors are the same.

Still I think xeno wraith is better this skin is bad for a sneaky wraith player

Thats wayyy better Thanks Waivor