Wraith Nerfing

I don’t have much to say other than DO NOT NERF THE WRAITH ANYMORE. It’s already been nerfed and balanced enough. A lot of people are complaining that they can’t beat the Wraith. But maybe you just didn’t get a good team or maybe the person playing the monster is just really good. In my opinion the Wraith doesn’t need any nerfing.

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The Wraith needs a complete rework to her speed, armor, health, and damage output as well as how her abilities work.


I want the wraith from February back. This was how a wraith should be played :slight_smile:

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Uhm… God no.

She needs a lot of aspects she had at launch brought back but not all. Stuff she could do in February made her impossible to find. She just needs a lot more speed, less armor, more burst damage, and decoy actually needs to be viable.

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I highly disagree

But she does. Right now she’s just another glorified brawler. She needs a near complete rework. A lot of buffs in certain areas and a lot of nerfs in others.

General changing is what she needs.

The Wraith as a concept in a game like this is highly flawed as it is. In full team-based games they’re usually pretty easy to balance, as getting caught out in the open results in getting slaughtered, but when played correctly a stealthy hit-and-run type character adds a lot to a team in the background whilst the rest of the game takes place.

In a game like this, however, the Wraith as a concept just doesn’t work. It’s either OP (Release Era) or it’s UP (any time after Release Era) I honestly don’t think that they’ve hit the happy medium for the character once. Now, I’m not saying that the Wraith can’t ever be made to work, but there needs to be a whole lot more looked at as opposed to just the raw stats.

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Wraith? UP? Lol ok. No.

I would have loved to have seen your reaction to Release Era Wraith if you think she’s at all OP right now.

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I played release wraith lol (most definitely the most broken thing this game has ever had). I’m not saying she’s op, I’m saying she’s balanced. Id like to see some changes to her but she’s not UP where she is at the moment

wraith is fine

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Decoy Spam and Supernova? I don’t think so.

Finally, a reason to use this

Also this



I honestly disagree, She’s definitely in a much better spot than she was pre-5.0 but I still think they’ve yet to hit that happy medium with her.

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Isn’t her traversal still bugged? Seems like it’d be hard to balance a character that’s broken

agreed. apart from the decoy ai being a bit dumb

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not on pc

On console it still is.

Warped me into a damn orbital. -.-


I’ve played hundreds of rounds fighting wraith or playing as wraith and the wraith has never lost. Not even once. If you’re gonna put up a stupid argument at least make some valid points please.

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