Wraith nerf... simple suggestion, huge help


the only thing that needs to be done is this…

Dart/tranq/dust track either BOTH or the REAL wraith…

that’s it…

if you tag the real wraith he shouldn’t be able to insta-decoy out of that…

it wouldn’t nerf him so much but would help tracking so much.

@MrStrategio @MacMan

My TEAM (more than 100 hours on each of our accounts) just lost to a level 5 wraith 3 times in a row… on dam, fusion plant, wraith trap

We don’t think he’s over powered except for he can JUMP 100+ meteres in 5 seconds, it’s fine we need to cloak trapper to mobile him but his decoy makes it really hard to track him


it would make him unplayable and completely deny his decoy ability.

oh and wraith is not op. gg mate.


he is on large maps, unless we just wait till he stage 3s, grab damage reduction/buff and wait at gen

all 3 of those maps are monster favored at top level, we scrimmed it over and over


the tracking dart already should reappear on the real wraith when she comes out of invisibility (that is if you dart her and not the decoy)


It does or should I know there was reports of a bug.


in my oppinion mines pretty much deny wraith every room, when you do not get a good abduction, you are pretty much not able to engage. but its an assassin type, so hard to say if it is balanced or not. whoever initiates the fight has the advantage.


we just had 3 games where it didn’t… this was a problem in beta and press release


it does not as long as decoy is running


It could very well be a bug that needs fixing. People should take note to see what happens if they dart the real Wraith and she decoys


darted by abe for 900 seconds… barely caught him, ended at stage 3 we won…

ridiculous lol


Thrash the whole decoy skill or make really big changes to it its just really really anti-fun to play against.


the thing is… it is almost like… dont even really bother chasing him that much, wait till stage 3, grab damage buff/reduction and then win


It was a bug. I can confirm it is fixed now. Or it is conditional on something that didn’t occur in my games tonight.

Wraith isn’t OP in combat. It’s catching her that sucks. It’s no fun when she can turn Hunt into 15 minutes of jetpack simulator.

The alternative strategy is to kill large wildlife, get a buff, and wait at the power relay. There wouldn’t be much difference in the game ime.

I’d go as far as to add a .2-.5 second delay between warps. There’s no way I should have a stealthed dome go off right above a Wraith’s head and they still make it out of the arena’s radius before it drops.

You provide no evidence of how this is true.


Had a 31 minute match with a Wraith and a 21 Minute match with, guess who? A Wraith. Not very fun.


My main problem with her is 1) She is so slippery and hard to catch up I think a slight speed/ Dash nerf would be nice and 2) I still think her decoys deal way too much damage. Some damage I understand but the amount giving I think is too much. The Wraiths melee already does a lot of damage so maybe only 60% of her damage would be fine? I dunno, but something I feel needs to change.


One thing I want to know is if the Decoy counts as “combat”. If yes, then a slight nerf would be to change that as the Wraith itself is not actually fighting… This would prevent them from running all game and having plenty of time to finish it at the end. If it does not count as combat, then please disregard this suggestion Dx


As a wraith player, I agree.

Tracking dart, tranq, and dust should mark both the wraith and the decoy, even during stealth.

Now the dart WILL track the real wraith, but it won’t reveal her in stealth. If the track lasts longer then the stealth, it will reveal her.

I’d be fine with Wraith getting her whole stealth component removed for a bump on the duration or reduced cooldown of her decoy. I feel confident enough in my abilites playing her, that I don’t need to be invisible. The damage and distraction of the decoy is enough for the ability to serve it’s purpose.

I’ve won most of my games as wraith at level 1 or 2

Very rarely do I feel the need to get to stage 3, simply due to the fact that I know they can’t track me easy enough to stay on me. So I just go eat, lick my wounds, and fight them again.

Yes, decoy acts as combat. It shouldn’t. It encourages drawing the game longer than it should take.


Use Abe, Cabot and Lazarus, and Hyde, best team


Don’t use Lazarus unless you are very good at him.

Use Caira, The movement speed helps you stay on the wraith. She has enough heal potential to keep your team healthy, and her fire grenade launcher serves the same utility as Hyde’s VS wraith.

I love seeing a Lazarus as wraith. It means I can out damage my enemies at level 1, and bait the medic into a bad situation.


Lazaruse cause if you and Cabot both use in is then Lazarus can pick from dead many times