Wraith needs some tweaks and hunter tracking needs to persist through wraith ability usage


Quite frankly, I was 55th last night globally and I play mostly hunter, but one thing that I could always count on in matchmaking was that any scrub with a wraith could completely and utterly make me want to put down the mouse and stop playing the game.

  1. Skill at playing wraith should not equate to press decoy, receive lots of free damage and nigh invulnerability because tracking darts/dust/etc for some reason does not persist through it. I’ve even used Hyde to set him on fire and watched him perfect stealth right away and no fire trails are left. Yet hunter jetpacks show through cloak and while on fire
  2. Decoy is effectively a monster ability that doubles(or more) damage output, something no other monster can do with one button press, it’s also the best effective armor and health ability in game and too good for time wasting.
  3. Rank 2 and higher Wrath with Supernova breaks Hank’s shield from full charge with 2-4 seconds left over, again something no other monster can do with one button press. I mean, at that point I kinda felt like why did I even bother, he still tore into his health pool with the same ability’s remaining duration. Absurd. He hasn’t even used the rest of his abilities yet for crying out loud.
  4. Trap wraith, only fight decoys because the stealth is so pure and leaves no trace of Wraith. (And this is coming from someone that finds it EASY to spot stealthed hunters monsterside.
  5. After having never seen wraith because all players are convinced stage 3 is the way to go it will simply traverse 50% of the map in one go, Caira can only get you 1/3 of that distance and in more than 10x the time.

In short, Wraith is manageable only by the most effective and organized group of hunters, and even then sheer power and damage output can negate and defense or tactics you may have been using.

To the Devs, please think about bringing wraith’s ability dmg potential per button press more in line with the other monsters, allow the Hunter’s skill shot tracking to actually persist on wraith through decoy since that’s what they’re supposed to do, and possible investigate giving wraith 2 jumps maximum and the dash-explode becomes the third.

Invisibility may or may not need at least a telltale shimmer depending on how the aforementioned tweaks are applied/not applied. (eg. no need for invisibility tweak if track dart persists through stealth. Otherwise, if track dart remains the same, then invisibility needs to be a tad more visible, simply too good, and all you can do is ignore decoy as best as you can.)

Thanks for your time all, I know that some of these suggestion seem extreme, and possibly only 1 or two of them need implementation to bring wraith in-line with the other monsters.

I can honestly say that I'm frustrated

instead of taking away a jump. i think it should just become more slower out of battle compared to the other monsters since it’s so fast


I certainly think the Wraith needs some tweaks, but if it gets nailed with the nerfhammer then it will be too easy to kill.

First and foremost is drone’s ability to do damage, The drone should not do near as much damage and should pretty much evaporate when damaged. The split second the hunters take recognizing it as the decoy, even those who have gotten good at it is plenty of time for the wraith to exploit it. As it is now, the decoy can’t be ignored until it’s gone, giving the hunters two targets when dealing with the highest dps monster so far.

Abduction distance is just insane at level 3.

Another suggestion I’ve had is to make the Wraith’s position much easier to detect, since it can out-run the hunters so easily and it can certainly hide when it wants to with cloak. So things like the warp and abduction should have bright flashes or a rumble of thunder from the vacuum collapse of its movement.

I’d also suggest having the wildlife flee actively from the wraith and at a much larger range (100m).


Actually there is a fire dmg trail left when hyde sets the wraith on fire…its just harder to see when he uses a decoy… try tweaking your settings my team and I use hyde or ciara to our advantage when combating a wraith you just have to know what to look for :smile: …as for the high dmg output if you nerf that too much it doesn’t offset her incredibly low health…one good combo of the dmg amp and lighting markov gun can chew threw the entire armor set and a chunk of health…oh and spread out wraiths strength is grouping u up for her supernova


Nah abduction is so hard to use, and most people might not use it becuase it has little use in big battles… but I love it since Wraith isnt supposed to be able to go in and just wreck with supernova and decoy it’s supposed to have to take them out one or two at a time… even in a dome it can use decoy to lose sight then quickly abudct a hunters from their team and sneak or supernova them… Idk why decoy even does that much damage, it’s mainly for getting away and distracting


To be very honest, I’ve got it running on maximum settings and the trail is not showing up, so either it is a bug or Working as Intended. Either way, bad.

Additionally the ‘low’ health as I mentioned is irrelevant because good luck getting any intermediate wraith player to take a hit from any weapon for longer than 1-2 seconds before decoy is out and they’re gone. So good luck with the cabot amp + assault, because that will never happen to anyone with a half a brain playing wraith.

Evidenced by the high number of 100% win ratios on wraiths, and the average low level pre-orders playing wraith can still play it by pressing decoy and running for 20 minutes. Lots of great gameplay there, jetpacking simulator 2015.

Right now, only Val, and Maggie are vaguely decent at helping out with wraith in a balanced manner, the rest of the hunters don’t have enough damage deterrence and mobility to keep up with the insane mobility and effective health blocking with decoys.

Edit: Edgar, thank you for coming up with that, I forgot to mention that the intent of wraith was to be the sneaky picking you off type, not the fly in BRAWL with supernova, and get out. I’d like to see supernova become more about dropping shields easily but not being very effective on flesh or something, or just bypassing shields for medium damage, that would make it interesting assassinations as opposed to just COMPLETELY obliterating targets with a single ability.


All valid points well said. As for the settings thing maybe its a bug for you or perhaps is a bug for me that I can see who knows.

To be clear not arguing with you I get it the first time I came up against the wraith I got boned. My thought is that the wraith will be figured out eventually. My team and I sure did have a strat on a thread. Remember this is only 4 days of play and most dont have access to tier 3 yet. My assumption is that a average player will adapt to the wraiths abilities and learn to cope. Might be asking too much but I play more than an average person so maybe im speaking a little out of context.

But I do think the wraith needs a few tweaks mainly to the dmg on the decoy I personally believe that should be strictly a defensive thing and not dmg at all.


I choose supernova at level one for defense and ignore it after level 2, it’s more fun for me that way, one thing I feel is that val characters aren’t tranqing me as a wraith for some reason, if they did I would move slowly while invisible and be notice me again right afterwards (Laz is kinda screwed against wraith though, unless people blindly focus fire on the dead guy when I but decoy)


Oh by all means, don’t think I’m arguing here <3

I’m trying to make a clear, logical, and targeted observation about Wraith’s issues with certain abilities at the moment and how they can be brought in line with the other monsters damage values.

I’m glad for any other points we can bring to the table so thanks for replying : )

Edit: @Whatde, indeed sir, Laz is totally up **** creek vs wraith. Primarily due to the fact that you’d need Hank to shield him, but as I mentioned earlier, supernova TEARS that shield effortlessly with time left to spare. Goliath has to beat it up some with multiple abilities, so I feel that it’s grossly unbalanced for wraith to only need one, and still have more duration on it leftover.
Additionally, yep, Val is currently only one that can really harass wraith with tranqs in a fairly balanced way : s


Ah just making sure u weren’t butt hurt like some trolls on here get :smile:

Thats what we are all here for right this is the beta and we are the community who plays it our voices should be heard and TRS does a great job listening to our feedback so reply away all


I use supernova to kill wildlife and one or two hunters i’ve seperated with either abduction or decoy or just plain confusion :slight_smile: or just sneak attack


Not so much the shields as much as, kl a guy, pop decoy, eat the guy, Laz is now worthless :stuck_out_tongue:


You just have you save your jetpack fuel and dash away… it’s not hard to kill a wraith. Keep your jetpack fuel up, dash away, and dump into it with everything you’ve got. Don’t ball up, keep in a loose group around the monster so he can’t do damage to everyone at the same time

If you’ve got Maggie go for the harpoons but if you’re rocking Griffin I just use the SMG… harpoon might be useful but every wraith I’ve run into has focused me too hard to use Griff’s harpoon.

Your Hyde/Markov needs to be a bully and get right in it’s face, make sure he’s the one getting hit. I haven’t fought a Wraith as whatever the 3rd assault is but he seems like he’d be able to bully the wraith well too.

Support focuses on using shield primarily on the assault, when the assault shield is up you switch focus on whatever else you’ve got. I can’t remember the 3rd support’s name, the one with the damage amplifier. I think he’s the best option to have against wraith, the damage amp seems to make a pretty big difference.

Then Lazarus brings everyone back from the dead, hopefully with no strikes.

I haven’t fought wraiths too many times but I think I have a 50/50 ratio and that’s 100% either solo or duo queue


On that topic, getting some altitude via jetpack works well against the wraith, since he has to get up close to do anything! Worked fairly well against me when I played as the Wraith.


oooo maybe you shouldnt be able to warp when invisible, (in addition to having decoys damage lowerd alot!) also making supernova’s cloud a bit smaller


My new favorite idea is to have the decoy cost health to use, and make it killable. if it doesn’t die, the wraith gets the percentage of its health back from the cost.

This makes it into the escape ability its meant to be rather than a spam attack. Ranks would give the decoy more health per cost. Its duration would be 6-9-12 seconds or until its killed. Rank 1 should pop like a banshee mine, Rank 2 require a good burst, and Rank 3 last a couple seconds under sustained fire. Decoy shouldn’t copy any other ability, but still do enough damage its worth killing.

Also not sure about how this part works, but the CD on decoy should start when the decoy dies, and not when the ability is used.


Well guys you’re saying a lot of good stuff, but some of you don’t even know which hunter’s name you’re referring to, are you sure you’ve had enough time to even make comments here because it sounds very generic hunter guide that someone wrote online, that says “use your abilities as per the role.”

Frankly speaking that doesn’t help this thread nor does it give people pointers on what to do. As I’ve noticed, very few wraiths, do poorly. And with a brand new game and level of silly I’ve seen with goliath, those same guys are picking wraith and suddenly holding out ok. It is too forgiving, too easy, too simple to brawl with the wraith and spam decoy as a defense if you have a vague clue of how to press 1, 2, 3 and 4 keybinds.

Edit: I personally play goliath all day, it’s the most balanced and stage 1 and 2 wins are quite frequent and fun, I tried wraith finally just to see what the fuss was about and I was so disgusted by how easily I could destroy a team by popping nothing but supernova and decoy, heck I didn’t even run, but if I had to, I knew I could escape so easily and so far. I refuse to play it again, it is awfully boring with no challenge. I might switch to abduct and rank 1 decoy only tactics only just to make it more fun and along the stealthy creature of the night intent.


But assult would take down decoy in a second so wraith would be revealed so much faster… anyways I think TRS will come up with something not so drastic but still evident and wil balance everything out


Reveal of wraith is not tied to decoy’s death. From what I’ve seen he gets x seconds of stealth.

And to be honest I think TRS will do some tweaks, as they did so for L4D back in the day constantly, I just want to get some traction on it in the forums which is how stuff gets attention Devwise and for other players to check out.


I don’t know what memorizing the names of all the hunters has to do with knowing how to play the game… i preordered but didn’t realize I had the third hunters unlocked, I thought I had to grind up to them so most of my time has been spent with t1 hunters, I’ve only played t3 support twice and t3 assault once, t3 trapper once. I know one of them is named Abe lol not sure which one

and for the most part a generic hunter guide is what people need to counter the wraith… you can get away with being sloppy against a goliath but the kraken and the wraith require solid fundamentals, and those are transferable from other FPS games.

Yeah, you’re not gonna beat a wraith if you can’t find it. You’re not gonna beat a wraith if you trap it in a cave and let it hide with decoy. You trap it in an open area, keep your distance, keep the assault (preferably hyde) right in it’s face doing damage constantly, keep your trapper focusing on putting out damage/CCing if you’ve got the stun grenades. The wraith is gonna try and run from you, and once you find it you’ve basically got to run from it. It’s like kiting a boss in pretty much every other game ever… your warrior/tank dude gets in its face and everyone else runs away and shoots while avoiding damage.