Wraith needs her free damage A.O.E. to non-targets reduced



After playing more games are learning more, I now realize that you have to control where you get domed as wraith. Preferably an underground spot with low visibility. Using this you can wait for the hunter that is ahead of the others and burst him down, and as of right now wraiths ability to take on 3 hunters stage 1 is too much and stage 2 it s free win.

And it is the combo of supernova and decoy, this can get 2 hunters to half hp. Add in a warp and well now both of them are at about 300 hp and a cleave auto does around 250. Hit your abduct and your golden.

There should be more emphasis on being able to isolate targets and then bursting them down rather than being able to take down 2 hunters at relatively the same time when their cds are down. Especially when those targets are the medic and support. If I can get a hunter down before the fight begins at stage 1 I can get at least another strike and then dart away maybe losing one bar of hp. Stage 2 if I get a hunter down before the fight and I’m domed its over. Decoy plus supernova all I have to to do is evade and wait for their abilities to go on cool down. Frankly that’s a little too easy.

EDIT: Putting it this way, if there are 3 hunters and I use supernova and decoy. I focus the medic, I don’t know what my decoy is doing. I look back and see that the decoy did half the supports or whoevers hp. All I have to do is warp that hunter and then abduct the last hunter and the game is over.


TBH the emphasis should be on the hunters not grouping up in an obviously poor fighting spot :slight_smile:


I’m confused by what you mean by putting the emphasis on the hunters, does this mean you don’t think wraith damage should be pulled back? I’m trying to make the case that wraith can do a lot of free damage just for pushing buttons that doesn’t need to be there that would separate good and bad wraith users. If you feel like this is not a good thing please, I would love to hear why you believe so.


All monster damage is “free” for just “pushing buttons” :stuck_out_tongue:

The damage, however, is only free if the hunters allow it to be put on them. I haven’t seen a compelling argument yet as to why wraith should get a damage nerf because from what I’ve seen hunters playing smart means that the damage she is putting out is fair.


I would say against a team of hunters that know what they are doing every monster is at a disadvantage. But that’s a different conversation discussion that has to do with learning curve. Mitigating the the A.O.E damage wraith is able to do WITHOUT touching her single target would still make her viable, just less easy

I think you’re shifting the focus of my argument and making it more general than it actually is. You’ll see that I said

That is what I am referring too as free damage. I shouldn’t be able to, as wraith, have my focus on the medic while dealing the same damage to the support. Why? Because there is no counter play to that and it makes it unfun to play as wraith.


No counter play? I’m sure all hunters taking jetpack jump height perk can easily counter play wraith supernova+decoy combo giving the situation that most wraith players nowadays are unwilling to put even one point in abduct.


I explained the conditions of my reasoning in the former text


My team manage to destroy a lot decent wraith players, OK? Your reasoning doesn’t stand when playing against experienced hunters. Wraith decoy AI doesn’t attack float targets. Wraith itself with nerfed supernova duration doesn’t output enough AOE damage that can get two hunters down to 50% HP.


Currently with the recent adjustments and next decoy cooldown after it disappears that change would be enough at first i think. Wraith was a bit to strong yes, and i would still like to see some adjustments from pub stomper to not so easy against beginners but a bit easier against skilled teams. Cause you’ll get problems if its a plain and simple nerf against both then the wraith is unable to succeed vs better teams (not even calling pro teams, thus never have a problem with wraith). Wraith is still good vs beginners and with the cooldown change of Decoy i think that will fit in very acceptable.



That point is a bit too subjective to have it stand by its own, you might as well be saying that I’m wrong for no other reason than you think so.

So attack when jetpacks are out, hit-n-run tactics, this is the third time I’ve said this.

That, by itself, is simply a statement. Which addresses nothing I’ve stated. The combination of Decoy and Supernova is excess(i.e reward for no work) and makes playing wraith unfun as I have stated earlier


Honestly, if they reduced the cleave of her autos by 40% inside of Supernova and gave decoy a movement speed increase of 2~4 meters and took away its traversal ability I think that would be a fine nerf.

EDIT: As well as take away the flashing white tells for the decoy


Are you saying we should balance around hunters that have 0 idea what they’re doing?


I’m saying if we can scale back power she as has in excess without affecting her performance level in high tier play, making her only harder to play at entry level, we should.

And, like I said, that’s a different conversation.