Wraith needs full armor in arena mode

He is way to squishy to play arena effectively. If you are going to have her compete, she needs full armor. Sometimes you arnt able to get that little bit of food right off the bat. Anyone else agree?


On a serious note, yeah, it can be hard. But that’s how Arena works. o.O


Being how wraith armor is worth more than armor on every other monster she gains the advantage of if you eat one thing then you gained so much more than any other monster could hope for

Wraith will soon be a goddess and we will all worship her
and people will camp relay even more

Wraith…loads sniper rifle I’m going to send you a love letter my dear. do you know what that is? It’s a bullet…straight from my gun to your heart.


The drop ship abduct will be happening in pubs just so you know abduct into supernova and warpblast off dropship it will happen and it will be hilarious

Honestly abduct into WB I’ve never foudn to be super effective. I mean of all the times I get hit by WB it’s usually not as high after an abduct…unless I have no fuel.

She will have 10 armor bars in the next update right?

Normally wraith CCs you after duct with a heavy

She will be a goddess

You crazy! Bread.

Heh, I think this song sums up my feelings for wraith.


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No she doesn’t. I play Wraith a lot more than any other Monster and in pubs she is fine. Probably not in competitive but no one in competitive plays Arena in a tournament so she doesn’t need changes. She’s rather strong in Arena, even with 50% armor.

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I just don’t see the point in giving a speed type defense…speed is her defense. I do question some of these changes.

I don’t know, I thought the same when Arena mode first came out, but I’ve faced plenty a Wraith that’s wrecked a team of Hunters. It’s possible you could chalk it up to poor synergy or Hunter play, but I promise you they were also just really good at playing Monster.

I won’t deny it’s probably harder than the other monsters because of its lower health and armor values, but that girl can still pull off victory.

EDIT: Not to mention, the smaller armor pool and quick movement allows a Wraith player to break off easy and armor back up.

Wraith is op please nerf… Joking

Grubs are OP, plz nerf naow.

Kody is op plz nerf. Too many bugs

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I think I have my solution to the wraith…


Hahaha oh man, don’t I wish. I’ll be bottoming out that Bronze tier in Monster next week, I’m sure :wink:

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