So as a hunter the best option that you have is to hide around object and make the monster chase you, right? But since they decided that wraith can cleave through solid objects to hit you on the other side there is no getting around it. And her cleave has to be like 260 degrees around her body. Like are you f*****g kidding me.


So you posted that BS info of the overall monster vs hunter win rate to “prove a point” If you would like to truly prove a point in my book give me the win rate for wraiths that have at least 10 wins(as wraith).

Then add in the fact that most monster players WILL NOT, i repeat, WILL NOT play wraith due to how incredibly easy it is.

When you can supernova on someone then press decoy WITHOUT ATTACKING WHAT SO EVER IN THAT TIME. Then your decoy will kill AT LEAST 1 hunter while you sit and watch. CAN YOU SAY BROKEN. But no give us stats that pertain to all the monsters not the 1 that is super overpowered and you guys would like to ignore the fact while you work on implementing new monsters and hunters to further imbalance the game.

So to counter wraith there is only 1 support choice Hank, and no other supports CAN EVER BE PICKED DUE TO THE HIGH CHANCE OF A WRAITH… fun game with choices that are there to trick you.

Abe’s stasis grenades need at least a 2-6s increase in relode time. Extend the duration fk If i care about that, But when your traversals cannot be used as kraken the game is over. OR MAKE IT SO I CAN TRAVERSAL ON THE F***G GROUND TO GET AWAY FROM IT. WOW…

All in all The wraith NEEDS one thing, Nerf the fucking cleave its easy to do(on your end) and shouldn’t be going through solid objects in the first place.

Unless wraith can move through solid objects, hah…

edited language


It can go through solid objects?


Lol, no.

I agree, Wraith needs to be toned down a bit to balance it for general pub play. Maybe nerf how fast Supernova kills shields, and nerf decoy movement and eating somehow. IDK.


Please clean up your post for language use. I feel you have a valid argument but it’s hard to address that when you’re speech is so riled up. I understand you’re angry, but please, lets keep it classy. :smile:


There are already multiple threads dedicated to Wraith discussion. Please utilize those first before making another, thanks. It clutters up the board when I’m reading through other topics.


Cabot is very effective against wraith. Her little to no armor allows Cabot’s team to dish out damage and take out a stage 3 wraith before the dome even goes down. Bucket is also great to pick if you just want a generator team built for turtling.


What is this “cleave”?


“Cleave,” is typically an RPG ability (made more so popular as a reference reference term via the Diablo series) in which 1 attack motion sweeps across MANY targets in a WIDE AREA dealing regular dmg. As oppose to an attack in which does more damage to the target in center and less to the outlying enemies.


As a die hard Diablo fan, I can say Cleave wasn’t a skill until Diablo 3 :wink:


I first heard of cleaving in Warcraft 3.
EDIT: Not the point of the thread.


Td:lr Warith does AOE attacks right?

@macman come on man… Help us… Wraith is too op. Its complete invisibility should be replaced with partial invisibility and supernova should be toned down by a lot…


AOE attacks


There’s nothing classy about playing Wraith either, sorry.

Sadly no, most gamers play to win with minimal effort, therefore since lvl 20+ 4/5 games I play are against the Wraith. And since I’m finally sick of it, as of today I’m a convert and proud follower of the Wraith = leave movement.

Most of your points are valid though, theres lots and lots of balance to be done all around.


I never mentioned anything about playing the Wraith…I merely asked for a curb to the language.


Yes if you are standing on the other side of the wall, and she attacks twords it, it will hit you, obv it has to be a very thin wall.