Wraith need's a slight nerf


A decent player who knows what they’re doing can level up the Wraith to stage 2-3 without losing its health. I’ve seen multiple occasions where they just abuse the Abduction and dash over and over. Almost impossible to counter really. There’s almost no cool down or penalty for that combo. So just put in a slower cooldown for one of those abilities, or allow hunters to hold harpoons, etc when the Wraith abducts.


wow first comment ever to call abduction op


You’re making a grave mistake


Have you tried countering its abduction? Nothing works lol. I even once predicted one about to abduct me, I ducked right and it still got me. Not sure if lag but BS.


A grave mistake? Oh I’m so scared lol


Any other thoughts on this?


No I was saying most people don’t call abduction op. To be honest to me it feels unreliable.