Wraith needs a buff


Seriously, she is so weak, they need to increase her supernova damage, also, she needs more warps since she is slow and omg, those decoys are weak, they should buff their damage or maybe she could make two decoys at the same time and her cloak time must be longer and this is all bullshit, just messing with you guys, how did you feel reading this? :smile: lol


Why the forums get so trolly and whiny after release.


I agree with Supernova needing a tweak in that right now against good teams Supernova is the worst skill in her skillset atm. Too easy to dodge and punish Wraith for being in it.


Did i make you mad or angry? Sorry about that…


Hmmm I think that’s necessary evil


Oh I’m not saying it’s super bad, I’m just saying that it’s not as bad as people think :stuck_out_tongue: I like that you can punish her in Supernova.