Wraith needs a buff no more nerfs please


I am sure every one who plays wraith or knows how to fight a wraith can agree with me because she is a joke now and that really “Grinds my gears”


Well it really depends on the Wraith’s playstyle. A good Wraith can possibly stomp a pre-made and completely obliterate a pub team, but I do agree she does need some work but not too much to make her OP


Yeah and pub team are the problem they don’t know how to fight a wraith and they need to play solo until they have a way to fight wraith


Exactly what I was thinking. I think Wraith is just a game breaking character; either too weak, or too powerful. There’s no real way to balance out a glass cannon, that is also the most elusive, monster. Behemoth, Goliath, and Kraken only need minor changes really (one of which is fixing the bugs with Behemoth rolling into the sky when he goes off a cliff). I’ve seen wraith destroy a team of level 40 hunters by simply sneaking, decoying, and pouncing all of the damn hunters in the dome. Not much you can do when Wraith is fast enough to elude having it’s armor taken, and strong enough to kill someone before its armor can even be damaged.


It’s not the pubs that are the problem it is the pre-mades that are the problem. With the ridiculous comps they have they can wipe a Wraith in 5:00 minutes or less unless the wraith decides to Flee Till Three and even then a Wraith has no chance because a Relay fight is the worst handicap of a Wraith.


But beta wraith was not a glass cannon she was a giant unstoppable wall of death let’s be honest with ourselves there


I agree 100%


i honestly have no idea of what nerfs you guys are talking about and I got wraith 3 weeks after the games release in Australia (cause I dont know if the dates are different in other countries)


Nerf her into ground and oblivion and then some.

Buff and Wraith should never go in the same sentence ever again…


Wraith used to require no skill. Supernova decoy and one warp blast could consistently incap hunters. Warp speed and Warp blast speed let you dodge any dome if you conserved your traversals as the trapper approached. Trappers used to call out when they threw a dome, giving a very audible cue for the Wraith to spam spacebar three times and press 1.


thing is

nothing has changed

u can still dodge every dome if u see the trapper throwing it

it only nerfed her infight


Fair point. The warp is slower now. It’s doesn’t happen as ridiculously often as it used to.


Well I say nerf and wraith should not go in the same sentence


I honestly glad if they did nerf wraith she is EVIL (to fight)
She just needs a warp blast decoy supernova no a hunter and bam barely/no health left
and is so hard to find


Wraith isn’t weak, but she is a bit boring. She only gets 1 or 2 good fights usually, but sometimes that’s all it takes. Warp blast is about the only thing that really damages hunters, though I do love playing sky wraith.

I wouldn’t mind the abilities being a bit more balanced… supernova & abduct do more damage, warp blast a little less (and fix the graphic for accurate AoE area). Decoy’s not terrible but it’s fairly easy to get hit by a pop shot and completely waste the decoy. The aiming is a bit off too. I hate when I decoy only to have the thing follow right beside me step for step.


Me and many others despise Wraiths utter playstyle. The amount of Wraiths who make it fun for hunters are by far, outweighed by the awful, run-til-stage-3 ones.

No one paid for a 2015 running sim…


Okay in my opinion it is DIFFICULT to play against. But wraith is challenging which to me makes it fun. She’s also a very versatile monster. And finally wasn’t this the point of the game for monsters. Try to avoid for as long as possible until you are stage three or have crippled the hunters, right? Is that not the right way to play of course unless you wanna really punish a team stage 1 fights are risky and unnecessary and stage 2 is when fights are really just to boost yourself. While monsters may usually play that game which might not be fun for hunters like you, it is not any monsters obligation to make it fun for the other team, we are supposed to make it challenging for them and fun for us while the hunters have the same role.


Running constantly after that warp blasting freak is NOT fun for hunters.

Challenging monsters ARE fun, but no matter what buffs they add for Wraith, she will always be detested because her very play style turns off many people who have to play against her.

I understand, but also know that quite alot of hunters feel no obligation to remain ingame soon as Wraith enters the fray…


Ive never even had a wraith disconnect anyway but i hear teams complain, so honestly the hatred is just more real for others


Wow, your pre made group must have good temperament to deal with that time wasting crap of a monster.