Wraith must be shown while she's got marked even she is in stealth


As you know, Wraith is never afraid of dome.
Because she can use decoy and hide in shadow with stealth.

And especially, Marks are disappeared while she is in stealth. Sadly Marks have limited time…

So hunters can’t get enough time to chase her.

If she should be nuffed, this patch must be on the list.


IMO she should still temporarily remove those debuffs on her when she goes invisible. The entire point of the ability is to be invisible, and if you can track her, she’s not invisible any more, making absolutely any tracking ability a 100% counter to it, which is no fun.

i think the most practical solution would be to heavily reduce her mobility while she’s invisible. We’ve already removed her ability to dash while invisible since the beta, but it looks like it’s not enough. Forcing her to move at a reduced speed while invisible on top of that might help.


The problem with reducing the wraith’s mobility with decoy is that using it in the middle of combat to get away wouldn’t work unless the wraith had already broken line of sight, as the hunter’s would probably still be hitting it and the invisibility would be even more worthless against upper tier teams who would already be looking for the decoy activation animation.

I know its unpopular but I’m still in the camp that decoy should cost armor/health to use, with the cost refunded to the wraith minus however much damage the hunters did to it. This is ONLY if the wraith gets to keep the decoy’s ability to do damage as well as benefit from supernova and the ‘combat’ status attacking the decoy grants.

However the main thing I think is the problem with wraith is the primary difference it has against the other two monsters and that is the amazing evasion skills it has from the start. What I mean here is that you can force the other two monsters to fight if you dome them at stage 1 or 2 when the fight is in the hunter’s favor, but with a wraith, doming it is just the start of a second hunt because not only is the wraith built for hiding, its built for mobility. It comes down to the skill cap for beating a wraith is much much higher than for playing the wraith. I’m not saying a poor wraith can beat a good team, just that a mediocre one can evade decent hunters long enough that every fight will be in its favor and on its terms.

I’m not sure how best to deal with this either, but having a monster that can very easily avoid Stage 1 combat automatically shifts the fights to stage 2 or 3 and in the wraith’s favor. It would be very interesting to see the data of what stage most wraiths lose at. In my experience the wraiths we beat either were very new to the monster and fell in the first couple of domes, or died at the relay because they stayed in the fight too long.

The main thing I want to know is does attacking the decoy grant the wraith the combat stamina boost, because that is an advantage the wraith does not need. I ask this since I’ve seen it mentioned that attacking the decoy will pause the timer.


That would make invisibility completely useless. I mean SHES A STEALTH CHARACTER FOR GOD SAKES.