Wraith Multiplayer bugs. Please correct and fix


Wraith currently has some bugs that are More commin in multiplayer than solo.
First is abducting a player and the body falls behind the wraith.

-This ruins any chance to combo abilities or follow up with a heavy attack.

Second is trying to perform an attack after an abduction and the wraith freezes for a second or two not performing the attack and falling pointlessly to the ground only interruptable by using a traversal.

-This destroys the entire opportunity to combo after abductions and knock the hunters down to the ground if airborne. Additionally you become completely vulnerable with the only way to escape being to sacrifice a traversal.

Third is when trying to pounce a hunter they clip through your body and the pounce does not occur, Or you pounce on them and once it is interrupted they pop out behind you not where they were pounced or in front of you.


Fourth is Being unable to break wasteland maggies harpoon reliably, when occurring one, two or three attacks do not break the harpoon, When facing the harpoon but a hunter is near you The heavy attack animation starts and you freeze just like after an abduction.

-This one is a bit of a mixed bag, both occurring inconsistently.

Additionally sometimes the harpoon doesn’t break with manual attacks if a hunter is near you.
On a side note, Why the #$% does warp blast not break wasteland maggies harpoon?

The abduction into heavy attack bug hardly happens in SOLO mode very rare, Only in multiplayer it happens 8 times out of ten. The other bugs happen less in solo mode for the most part.
Wraith does not feel fluent and free flowing like the other monsters do anymore, so much freezing stopping starting, the attack animations being constricted. What the hell happened?
Already the least effective monster yet also the most bugged.


Wraith’s melees are probably the most inconsistent in the game, I can agree with you there. However, she’s hardly the least effective monster or the most bugged. She’s probably second only to Kraken in effectiveness IMO, and Gorgon and Behemoth are both more bugged then Wraith.


are these logged?


You should put up videos for each of these.

That aside, I think these have all been reported and I’m pretty sure they’ve been logged for the devs, and they should have some fixes in the TU, although nothing has been confirmed for them yet.


Very backwards in relation to all the competitive players I am involved with…


If a dev comes here and requests video, Ill go to record them immediately.


It’s probably worth it anyway. Videos prove to be immensely useful to the devs as it shows them the exact conditions that a bug happens in. :wink:

The actual harpoon trap has to be in the radius of warp blast, it doesn’t break the cable otherwise.


This very weird, I’m seeing this too but I’m hoping that it’s just lag because against OG Mags the 3 harpoon traps are almost never a problem with how to effectively destroy them.


Here you go,