Wraith : movement speed


I was playing as Wraith against a hunter team of Hyde, Hank, Crow and Slim. I was at stage 2 with Wraith who picked movement speed as the perk and had 3 points in both warp blast and abduction on the map refueling tower with full health and armour. It started off with a normal match but then at stage 2 something spectacular happened; I was domed and then shortly after took the dome down by downing Crow and then I downed Slim, but then any direction I moved I was super fast estimating at 100m/second that is with a 20% movement speed buff. Has anyone else experienced this problem !?!?


That’s a beaaauuuuutiful bug


When Wraith is secretly Sonic in disguise.


Don’t you mean “Has anyone else enjoyed this feature?”


This is blantantly a case of the Wraith just outright saying: “Fuck you and your nerfs, Turtle Rock!”


If I see a video of this I will… uh… pleasure myself ferociously.

That moment in a game when even the character is like “F**k you and your Nerfs Devs! I’m in control now!”

Ohhhh… man… I need to see this…

Video or Riot!


#VIDEO!!! NAO!!!


I get that now and then but usually only for a few seconds it’s pretty hilarious too…I don’t feel bad about it because I’ve lost matches before because of the Abduct animation glitch and I’ve got stuck Evolving before too.


Well Goliath used to suffer from this glitch usually when breathing fire but to see Wraith doing it has peeked my curiosity.

If it looks like what I think it would then maybe it could be put to good use by the Devs provided if they haven’t already started on the Wraith Adaptation.


If I experience this bug again I will be sure to record it.


they secretly are giving wraith her speed back


Wraith is just a assassin and all assassins have a way to run :wink:


no shes not shes a brawler that people play like an assasin


What kind of brawler abucts their enemy? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


behemoth does sort of and wraith brings em in to stabby them


Behemoth is outright a tank most tanks can agro enemies so it makes scene he can bring hunters to him
Wraith if wraith was a brawler why would she have low health and armor why would she need a decoy? she is more of the assassin to take out people one at a time not all at once like some people play her


I prefer to refer to Wraith as “glass cannon” :smiley_cat:

As for the bug, did the speed boost last a while or was it temporary?


well true she is a glass cannon


except im a wraith who dosent decoy till 9.0 so brawler


well that is your opinion everyone has their own :wink:


next update she will be the brawler increased speed increased health no a comboing decoy