Wraith movement needs to be fixed


Dont worry this isnt a nerf wraith thread, although most will think it is anyway…

After having played against a number of wraiths, I’ve noticed that both griffin and maggie’s harpoons fail to stop wraith movement like they do with the other monsters.

Either by design or whether its just a bug; Ive had numerous wraiths able to use their stamina sprint/jump to move, even though they had been harpooned before hand, this also goes for wraiths Warp Blast and Abduction and the harpoon will still be attached but not actually limit or restrict movement.

I understand the wraith should be a slippery gypsy, but being able to negate 2 trappers core weapons for controlling the monster just leaves a bad taste in your mouth about the game when you expect it to stop the monster.


Yeah Abduction and Harpoon Trap doesn’t jell.
The animation ignores the traps.


Yup, Abe player here -> my grenades don’t do anything to his dashes, abductions, nothing. One would think their range is lowered… nope, ain’t. They work perfectly fine on Goliaths and Krakens… They seem to just ignore the ladies.