Wraith/monster bugs

  • Feast or famine
    After a kill, eating animals will sometimes cancel without reason. Multiple sessions this has happened and may have been reported already since I have heard others talking about this one threw other players so it might of been documented.

It happens to me also, I have no idea why this happens :sob:

Another one I’ve notice when I’m using a special Tactic ( Just learned it today, so Im not sharing it just yet) But when flying. If I try to traversal sometimes it will auto lock hunters and shoot downwards :frowning:

If you are talking about Wraith… Yeah… I think its a bug.

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Bingo. I’m finding out just to stay out of the directions of hunters while doing this. It something to do with auto lock. Which if this could be turned off in settings. May help out big time in free flow style.

Can we talk about wildlife falling through the goddamn map after they die??

How about wildlife deciding they want to go ice skating :stuck_out_tongue:

or when the animals kill everyone and the monster. But leave Maggie alone.