Wraith might be OP, but part of me is glad because


4 Hunters Vs a Goliath is really OP in favour of the Hunters. Good luck trying to escape once you are caught, even if the dome fails, and especially so on the first stage before evolving.
If you nerf wraith please buff Goliath.


Goliath is fine. I’ve started playing him more as I thought Wraith was too easy mode, but it’s made no difference for me. I can stomp a full team of hunters just as easily with him as I can with the Wraith. If you’re getting routinely beaten as Goliath, then you need to start thinking about changing up your playstyle.


If anything, Kraken is the hardest to ‘lose the Hunters’ out of all the Monsters. Goliath’s leaps can go tremendous distance. Just need to know map placement.



As Goliath, I normally can shake off hunters without too much trouble. Some are just better players than me and will keep hounding me no matter what, but on average, I manage to generate enough distance to get a snack and take a nap in a cocoon.

On the bright side, I seldom need to go S3 with my trusty Goliath. S2 is normally all I need. Moreover, I found out that if I cannot take a group of hunters during S2, it means they are probably organized enough to handle S3


I love Goliath, he’s in a great spot atm. Very balanced. Kraken is as well imo.


When I play as Goliath, I take the jump slam and charge as my first skills. Those, combined with leaps, give you great tools to make distance fast. It seems that almost half of the time I end up against Maggie and when that happens, I forget all sneaking and just keep my speed up. Snack here and there and off I go again, abusing charge and slam to cover more ground. Goliath can cover most distance with least time, from all the monsters.


I have absolutely no idea how anyone could think Goalie needs a buff. Out of 42 matches since launch, I’ve lost 2. Several of my victories have been at stage 1, many at stage 2, and it’s very infrequent that I have much trouble. If you ask me, Goliath is totally fine as he is.


Personally I don’t believe any monster is op. I played with ALL of them not just the Wraith. And out of 20 games as the monster I’ve won them all. Haven’t lost once as the monster