Wraith maniacs come here


Feels like I am posting topics all the time but hm guess I’m just being social here lol.

Anyways to all you Wraith players, what is your stage 1 2 3 build and what perk do you pick, how’s your playstyle like? Are you super sneaky? Super aggressive? How do you combo your abilities? Tell me everything please :slight_smile:


@nimp would be the man to ask about wraith. Sadly not playing right now :’( Maybe in 9.0…


Stage 1: 2 WB, 1 Abduct | 1 WB/1 Abduct/1 SN (though this is rare)
Stage 2: 3 WB/1 Abduct/2 SN | 2 WB/1 Abduct/1 Decoy/2 SN (occasional)
Stage 3: 3 WB/1 Abduct/2 Decoy/3 SN

Perk: Damage increase.

My playstyle is extremely aggressive, I usually sneak in one direction and break off in another direction at the beginning of a hunt match. I mix in Skywraith tactics to get a view of the battlefield before dive bombing with a warp blast on people who aren’t paying attention and pinball around the battlefield; E.G. Cutting behind assault to get the pressure off for a split second.

As for combos, pretty much standard; Abduction, heavy, ground and chase, plausibly using a warp blast into the floor if they’re low on Jetpack or I see an opportunity arise to use it. I tend to save supernova for the times they group together and/or when someone is low on jetpack.

She’s just bad at the moment, you have to land all of your hits. I’ve been taking more to Bob lately because of the lack of reliable damage she can’t put out.

Note: This is all assuming you at least know how to play mind games about which way you’re going as monster.


I go Stage 1 Decoy and WarpBlast to help be elusive. I pick Movement speed so I can be Sneaky and still move quickly.

2 WB 1 Decoy.

Stage 2 I finish WB and add Supernova and Abduction. Still play sneaky but keep an eye on Hunter split ups. I leave tracks trying to lead them through Dangerous wildlife and if it goes poorly for them I attack while they are in shambles.

3 WB 1 Decoy 1 Supernova 1 Abduction.

When I get to Stage 3 I look at how it went before. If they are good at dodging or have a lot of Strikes, I abandon Abduction and pump more points into Supernova. If its a shitty Relay fight, I’ll take more points into Abduction to help get them away from high kiting areas, or to help break the LOS on Medic.
Generally I seem to use this build the most.

3 WB 2 Decoy 3 Supernova 1 Abduction


S1: 1 WB 1 SN 1 Dec
S2: 2 WB 2 SN 1 Dec 1 AB
S3: 3 WB 3 SN 2 Dec 1 AB
Perk: damage bonus

Stage 1 is all about mitigating. Occasionally I take opportunity of a dumb Hunter or one being attacked by wildlife. Supernova is basically used for that opportunity or decoynova to kill large wildlife.

Stage 2: Time to attack. Always eat up all the way. Just try to pick a good spot to fight (where you can break line of sight). Abduct only if someone gets ahead of team on chase positioning is much more important. Usually try to down support and play the strike game.

Stage 3: If you have multiple strikes on hunters and haven’t lost too much health, attack as normal on relay. The 2 in decoy is for mitigation primarily. If you haven’t been very successful, put 3 in abduction and go for the Hail Mary. It’s the only way you’ll win as a stage 3 wraith. Watch your time though.

Tips: Decoy is actually a really good ability. Use it to kill large wildlife, double back over hunters. Use decoy before engaging to pounce your target or warp blast. Decoynova to discourage chase in dome. Wraith doesn’t do much damage kill shield supports or you’ll be screwed. Don’t waste time abducting to much you’ll end up domed badly. Sunny messes wraith up good luck. Don’t play wraith on fusion plant. The relay is so hard as a wraith use melees a lot.


I’m sorta leaving wraith in the dust till 9.0 because. hunters: oh we have lazarus hank hyde and waggie every match I only play her in quickplay but I’m sticking with kelder for now


Yeah alot of people seem to be leaving Evolve now and wait until 9.0 releases, sadly…


Don’t worry it’s just around the- /LEGAL ISSUES/


Stage 1: 2 WB and 1 Abduct
Stage 2: 3 WB, 2 Abduct, 1 SN
Stage 3: Max the abilities out. No Decoy


Is this you hiding your plan to try and get everyone’s stats so you can slowly break them down in the game by knowing there entire moves?

Boom exposed :stuck_out_tongue:

On a serious note, I don’t really play Wraith :confused:


S1: 1 WB 1 AB 1 SN
Warp Blast is a traversal move, so I get farther from the Hunters. Abudction pulls the target to me and one shots them (except for Hunters, survivors, EbonStar soliders, colonists, and large wildlife), and Supernova helps me get early strikes on the Huntes.

S2: 2 WB 1 AB 1 Decoy 2 SN
I only put Decoy at one point because you can’t attack while it’s active.

S3: 3 WB 2 AB 1 Decoy 3 SN
Max out WB and SN, and make AB better.

Perks: Movement Speed, Damage Bonus, Damage Resistance, Cooldown Reduction


Used to be my favourite monster but I’m not touching her till TU9.


Perk: Traversal Stamina (prefer burst movement to sustained movement and it isn’t negated by tranq)

S1: 1WB, 1Abd, 1Dc
S2: 2WB, 1Abd, 1Dc, 2Sn
S3: 3WB, 3Abd, 1Dc, 2Sn

I tend to play fairly stealthy as far as the trapper allows (LOVE to see Abe or Griffin), then if I get domed IMMEDIATELY go full out and try to get them off balance and get the trapper down and get out. My general strat is get to S2 with full armor and hopefully a useful DPS buff (Mammoth Bird if at all possible for cooldown reduction, otherwise Slothbro for damage or Steamadon for slow) but really any offensive or defensive buff is nice. Then I try to get them into a tight spot where I can cleave the living $#!7 out of them and just go feral on them when they run into it. Doesn’t always work, but it’s my preferred option.


Wow this is exactly my build, but I’ve been experimenting putting 3 points into supernova in stage 2 instead of WB because WB they can dodge out of so easy if they are not in a corner. And it seems pretty useless to only put 1 point into SN due to how small the radius is and they are just going to jetpack away and you have to follow, and that makes you going out of the radius of it. I mean you can abduct them back into it but what if you don’t have abduct at that moment or they will just jetpack up straight after the abduct. But supernova has always been my favourite move and I guess it’s personal preference, I like it because it breaks shields so easily. But how does that for you? Bad? Good?

Love the build tho :wink:


Aggressive Wraiths are so scary tbh, I’ve tried playing her that way but does not work for me at all :frowning:


That used to be my old build! But I prefer to go 3 1 1 1 in stage 2 with almost every monster.
I played her on fusion plant today against silver destroyers and gold, abducted medic super far away and just went crazy on support and on the rest of the team, I won. FP is actually good for her if they fight where the poles are, because they cannot midigate against Wraith due to warp plast going all around them.


Why no decoy?


Shit, you got me… Alright I am busted, so sorry everyone… No I play monster 99,9% of the time, don’t enjoy hunters too much :smiley:

You don’t like her moves or what’s wrong? :frowning:

  • She is slow for one of the smallest Monsters
  • Her Abduction and Supernova are buggy
  • Her pounce is buggy as well

So because of those it makes it hard for me to be an assassin or even play with her as she is meant to be played


When you put more points into abduction what do you get more than range? I don’t understand the frequency thing :confused: