Wraith makes me want to stop playing evolve


If you came for a wraith rank, then this is probably the right place. I’m not a new player, and I really like evolve. But wraith is just so toxic and unfun that I just dread going into a match and seeing that portrait show up in character select.

I just played a match against wraith where we spent ten minutes inside domes, literally chasing the wraith in circles as its decoys chipped away at our health. There was nothing we could do. It was way faster than us and would just kite around a rock throwing supernovas and mimics at us.

We were even winning, but two of our players got so frustrated that they quit halfway through the match. The wraith got to stage three and proceeded to oh so slowly kill us off at the generator.

As I said before, I’m not anew player and I’m not terrible at the game. But during one of the fights I actually just stopping shooting and stood there, thinking, “I actually want to lose. We should just let it kill us so that I can be out of this match and I can go make some toast and read a book or something.”

If a character in a game is so unfun that a player that really enjoys the game normally is thinking that while winning, then just imagine how the new players that aren’t used to the game and don’t know what’s going on feel.

I know they’re going to patch it, but … I think I’m just going to take a break from evolve and come back in a few days. I hate to think that someone not as attached to the game would probably just walk away permanently.


They’ll be fixing her soon


Don’t worry nerfs are on the way.


Well it took like four hours for me to get over this. Back to evolve, I suppose!

Still feels bad though. I have no doubt many new players just leave.


Wraith has consistently been an issue in this game, regardless of whether she was OP at the time or not, she has always driven more players away than she pulls in.

I think her “risk” isn’t nearly high enough personally, playing wraith doesn’t feel like you’re squishy at all. Anyways, she’s a classic “problem character” and hopefully TRS will address this.


I’d also give this topic a shot