Wraith lvl 3 obduction at start


Has anybody tried to abduct a hunter right after the game started? Any videos?


We played against a Wraith that did this. He was trying to farm achieves at the start. However, a Wraith without Decoy is a very exposed and easy to find Wraith. Too bad our trapper was very new and not on the ball. We ended up winning at a final stage 3 fight at the relay on Distillery, but we should have owned the Wraith pretty hard without it having Decoy. Also, our trapper would usually be 75-100 m behind everyone else which lead to LOTS of abducts and kills against him.


I wonder, if it’s possible to actually be right under the dropship, once you start to descend to be abducted, in that animation, that you are free falling and just look around. Once the game comes out, i would like to cheese it, just for shits and giggles.


You can, it happened. Just need the right timing. That being said, I was Kraken and under a drop ship and I shot a vortex up at the Hunters. It was funny. I also blew a dying trapper out of bounds on Distillery with Vortex.


i want to see cheese montage of things like that… ;]


I have GOT to see this footage!


I’m sure it’ll be up. I’m going to spend all day tomorrow cutting the videos, the big question is do I release it all now, or slowly over the next few weeks? Any thoughts/suggestions?


well, i would say not all at once. Don’t rush editing and cutting videos. Segregate them by themes, like the god, the bad and the ugly… i myself have close to 600 hg of footage between Xbox one and PC to go through… not sure what to do… just not enough time for everything…


Well what I did for the Big Alpha was group all my ‘Bucket’ videos in one playlist, all my ‘Goliath’ games in another etc… However, the Big Alpha was different in that I didn’t play too many people. I played Markov less than 3 times, no other assaults. I think I played medic maybe twice. I played LOTS of Hank, no Bucket, couple Cabot, LOTS of Griffin/Maggie/Abe and then of course monsters.


I suggest a little bit every day so we all have something to watch each day that’s fresh until release day!


kk, I’ll see how many videos I have. I should be able to average 3 a day and still have fresh content until release. This will let me filter out some of the not so enjoyable vids. Also, as I was watching, some of my games didn’t record my audio. I also do less about explaining what I was doing as I was playing against experienced teams and so I don’t comment as much as my previous videos. VERY different recordings this time around.


Woot? So no epic relay defence on rendering plant as Laz? Y u do dis?


yes it possible, I managed to do it vs a 2strike Caira as their dropship came in
needless to say her life wasnt all too long.
Easiest target is Daisy due to her parachute