Wraith losing it movement speed


Wraith loses his movement speed between dooms for no reason.


Uh… Does it stop completely, get slowed? What


THis is new… can u record the gameplay and show us?


It does not stop it slows down a noticeable amount, it would go back to normal after using an ability or feeding.


Was Val on the other team?

You may have just been hit with her tranquilizer gun.


the importance of videos…


Do monster get slow after losing a portion of their health?if so sry my bad didn’t know that, if not i have a video of Goliath moving at normal speed although having Evolved Haste, Insatiable Hunger perks.


You probably got hit by a val tranq dart or a monster slow debuff


val isn’t in the game.medic was Paladin Parnell, assault was Parnell, trapper was Jacky and bucket was support.