Wraith locked in Warp Blast animation


Why is Wraith the only monster that has an ability that causes her to stay stuck for prolonged (infinite) amounts of time? Especially once the pings start going into the 200 areas.

I die like this at least once a week from this, sometimes even two if I’m lucky.


Behemoth players will violently disagree with this.


Tongue Grab?


Every one of Behemoth’s abilities roots him in place. All 4.


I’ve only had Tongue Grab happen to me, and that’s only one time.


Poor wraith

I hope I’m not the only one who notices how prevalent the teleporting gorgon has become on mimic?


This can also happen to Behemoth. And you can include Gorgon too if you count the infinite pounce glitch.


Ok I see what you are talking about. That is obviously a bug. I had it happen to me with abduction too when a WLM harpoon trap hit me when I was in the targetting stage of abduct and was permanently stuck unable to melee or complete the abudction. Since I wasn’t able to melee I wasn’t able to knock the harpoon off of me.


I’m glad someone else noticed this…there’s a bug with Wraith and WL Maggie’s harpoon. It happened to me a few days ago…and yes I believe I was trying to abduct when it happened to me too.


that is lag sir