Wraith Loadout - Looking to improve


So I’ve been Practicing the Wraith lately. At stage 1 I’ve been going Abduct, Super Nova, and Warp Blast. I can still mitigate damage at stage 1 pretty easily. And if I catch a hunter by themselves, I can deal out the damage. At stage 2 I go 3 Warp Blast, 1 Abduct, and 2 Super Nova. I like to fight some at stage 2, but normally I don’t get hunted at stage 2 since Hunters decide to camp the relay. At stage 3, I’ve been debating what to do. I have been ending up 3 Warp Blast, 1 Abduct, 3 Super Nova, and 2 Decoy. I use the Decoy once my other skills are on cool down, so it can still deal damage while waiting for my other skills. I tried not to use Decoy, but at stage 3 when the hunters are all set up, you need all 4 skills.

I can normally beat up to Silver Expert players, but anything about a Silver Master can easily kill the Wraith. Any suggestions? What do other monster players do?


I abandoned Decoy after [quote=“Plaff, post:47, topic:85155, full:true”]
It’s mostly because in nearly every ranked match I play, I’m against WLM or Hyde and their dots make Decoy useless. You’ll just continue to take damage from everyone since you’re constantly being revealed whilst the AI goes off and tries to attack Daisy at the back of the group.

I’ll probably try and fit it back in once the next update drops but for now Decoy is really not worth putting points into.

I would still love for the old Decoy to come back (with some minor reworks to stop it being abused to run the entire match) but I think it’s safe to say it’s not going to at this point. Hopefully the Wraith adaptation will bring back some of the stuff a lot of Wraith players loved.

My suggestion, get really good at hitting Abductions, especially mid-air. As @skills4u2envy can tell you, they get annoying…


Thanks. I usually wait until Stage 3 to use Decoy. If Wasteland Maggie or Hyde are in the game, I sometimes abandon it. I made a mistake yesterday. I was going against Markov and didn’t go Decoy at stage 3. Would’ve been nice to get rid of mines.


You can also melee the mines when activated and you won’t take any damage.


That’s not a huge issue. Abduct or WB THROUGH mines and you kill them with no damage to yourself.


Apart from using those two abilities and melee, I believe you can even normally warp through them. I’ve tested it before.


Decoy has been useless since the last patch in my opinion…surely when waggie is in the game you can’t go stealth-mode when activated (maybe if you go behind a rock…but who does that with wraith…xD)
I used to love to play wraith but nowadays i don’t play her online anymore…
On the rare occasion that i do play her i go like this:
Stage 1: 2 WB, 1 Abduct
Stage 2: 3 WB, 2 Abduct, 1 SN
Stage 3: 3 WB, 3 Abduct, 3 SN

And ofcourse i always run feeding speed for quick evolves ^^,


I don’t think thats possible…


It is. Try it yourself.



stage 1 - 2wb 1 abduct - good for traversing and mitigating
stage 2 - 2 wb 1 abduct 1 decoy 2 s/nova - decoy so I can set up abduct/wb and good for baiting domes. if laz is on team decoy can be used to go invis and eat a dead hunter b4 laz can get to them.
stage 3 - 3wb 2 abduct 1 decoy 3 s/nova. - again if laz on the team ill trade 1 from wb and put it into decoy.

perks either movement speed or feeding speed -

movement speed if I want to play stealth (move faster when sneaking) also helps moving around the super nover dome

feeding speed if I want to be aggressive a evolve quickly

also damage increase/reduction map buff are always helpful