Wraith level 3 cgallenge


When it comes to the wraith level three challenge in the character progression it ells like the abduction bit takes too long so it should be taken down a but I would say by 50 just do that it takes less time to complete because on average I get 3abduction points for that per round.


…or are you just lazy and want to achieve elite status faster? Work for your skin damnit!

Sorry if it sounds a bit rude, not intended like that. But still, those challenges are SUPPOSED to be hard/take long to accomplish.


How could that not sound rude?

Anyways, I have to agree with d3stroyer. The abduction challenge is the only long one of the 4. They are arbitrarily extending the time to get the Elite skin by making one challenge take 10 times longer than the other ones. I agree that 225 could be a bit much, but I’m also already well on my way to being done with it, so it doesn’t bother me anymore. Though it doesn’t help that the game doesn’t feel the need to explain things properly, like Val’s 3 Star medgun challenge, or Hanks 1 Star shield generator challenge, where sometimes it would count and sometimes it wouldn’t.

It falls into the same category as Val’s 2 Star sniper rifle challenge. 12,000 extra damage? Good God, if not for the app, I’d still be working on that damn thing. And yet Lazarus needs only like 170. At least with Lazarus’ 3 Star challenges, they are all taking some time instead of just one inane one holding me back.