I just wanted to join the long list of losers who complain about Wraith and all her glory.

Why does she have seven appendages, like why does she even have legs?

They should nerf the legs by 100% and buff her hips by 33%.




Haven’t you ever just stop for a moment to look at her and wonder… why does she even have legs, she doesn’t even walk.



I say her hips are perfect the way they are her chest might need a little buff but the hips are fine


If her chest got a buff it would warpblast the meta… forever.


I wonder if they got Shakira as a model for wraith.


Keep this clean guys/gals. I don’t want another sexy wraith thread.


Yeah… Glory is one way to describe it…

Please… No… Why?.. Reminds me of the Se… Thread that should not be named… * Shivers *

Same. Please…


I dont know what happened there but hopefully its kinda clean-ish here? Also, can we get some info on wraith being modeled after shakira


that makes two of us


three *… *Three of us… *

The thread that should not be named…


I have made this thread to thoroughly discuss the nature of her anatomy and how strange it is.

Why does she even have legs?

Why does she lack a lower jaw?

why is her skin so dry?


cue the horrified harry potter voldemort gifs


She doesn’t have a lower jaw? O.O


Let me rephrase that.

Were the hell is the fleshy bits of her jaw? its like all teeth and a gaping hole that would make you think she was a chain smoker.


Does she truly need one? I mean… she kind of just sucks the meat right up, no chewing… I don’t see why she would need the ‘fleshy part’


Then why not just make it look like a maw or something else like shakira’s face.


Haha, I got to use my own gif! I’m happy again!


Well, they are rather tentacle extensions on her hips than legs. As she was supposed to give people some rather… weird feelings about her in regards of her overall anatomy I’d say they did a fine job with the design.
She has 1 pair of blades, 1 pair of claws on which she actually walks while sneaking, 1 pair of leg-tentacles and 1 more spine tentacle-extension.

Take a close look on how she actually ingests her food, she doesn’t require a lower jaw to chew, she pretty much sucks the meat out of her victims.

Well… I’m not much into physics, her skin is probably done this way for her creation of warp-fields to be physically possible.