Wraith is the worst monster


It is, don’t even try to argue it.


Well technically if decoy’s damage wouldn’t be that retarded and if the double warp + warp blast to get out of dome wouldn’t exist, she would be really awesome to play with or against.

Yet don’t bother making a new thread about it, she’s already getting another nerf I believe.


Her fights are fun, but when hunters have nothing to shoot at for 20 minutes until the power relay it comprises the fun of the game for the 4 hunters sadly.


I feel like I am the only wraith that seeks out Hunters before every evolution.

It’s boring to hide until stage three.


The fact, that the Decoy is good for: >Escaping, Misleading the hunters and Damaging the Hunters<, is not good.
The Decoy takes “no” damage, but deals quite a ton of it, though. It dishes out lots of dmg, but doesn’t really take any dmg.

and while the Wraith made an indistructible Clone, that damages the hunters for (how long, 10s?), the Wraith itself is invisible, allowing it to either escape, hide, or attack, too.


That’s a base problem of the game though, less of one specific monster.


Wraith is actually hard, because opposite to popular believe she has damage that is on the very dodgeable side of affairs and you are basically always taking health damage. Food in a dome only lasts so long and if you don’t fight as a wraith at stage 2 you will not simply win the stage 3 fight. (At least not against non-incompetent hunters) Wraith on stage 3 is more like a kraken is on 2 and additionally not every good map has good wildlife spots to actually use - which is unfortunately.


Yes but the other monsters don’t have this kind of op traversal ability, if you land a dome on top on their faces they won’t be able to get out, maybe goliath if he’s above you with a huge leap but thats about it.

Wraith on the other hand can just triple warp and done. And tranq shots/statis grenades won’t do shit.

I don’t mind people fleeing to stage 2 or even 3, I just want hunters to be able to dome the wraith when you manage to reach her and you’re sure its not a decoy, I’d like to make sure that if I see her and cut her off, I’m able to land this dome and not seeing the wraith slipping beneath it being like “Hey oh good technology you got there mate, CYA NERDS” kinda annoying in my opinion.


That’s the problem, Wraith’s are perfectly capable of fighting before Stage 3, just like every other monster. However, since its so easy for most Wraiths to avoid hunters, they waste way more time than necessary leveling up. A lot of bad Wraiths will travel across the entirety of the map before eating one thing. The worst Wraith I had took 10 minutes to reach Stage 2.
The ridiculous traversal coupled with the decoy just make it too cheese-able.


i’m just waiting for the wraith lover trying desperately defend her
“git good”
“wraith is new people need to learn”
“l2p noob”
“i always win against a wraith”
“he has 50% win rate he’s balanced”

and so on


You already seem to have your mind set, so it’s no use trying to discuss.

I’ve never lost to the wraith with a good team, but it’s never been a shut out which I assumed is the point.


This thread is the worst thread. Don’t even try to argue it. I am right. You are all wrong. I want my opinion verified. etc etc etc

Seriously? This is the most unoriginal and annoying “Wraith OP” thread there is.

Learn how to open discussions please.


Wait for the wraith to use her traversal and / or warp blast before trying to dome her. That way you have a much higher chance of doming her, just like you should be doing with goliath.


I dunno why but i’m actually happy to face against Wraith rather than Kraken or Goliath.Yes there are annoying people who wants to go stage 3 with it first.But for me its the easiest monster to die.

Like from the last 20 wraith games i’ve won the 15.(As hunters always)


Exactly. I love playing against the AI Wraith, because it doesn’t abuse all the broken shit with the monster (Decoy and Warp and playing bitch-mode until Stage 3); it actually fights the hunters. The monster concept is fine, it just needs some more tweaks.



A nerf is incoming, until then chastise people in game for picking wraith.


i disagree. wraith is the best monster!


True, but other monsters don’t die the moment someone sneezes in their general direction, either. And well, you do dome the Wraith. The issue people have is that they panic-dome the moment they see it, and yeah it was really difficult to guess that the first one would be the decoy…


it isnt, dont even try to explain yourself.