Wraith is the new kraken

For some odd reason if using wraiths traverrsal correctly, You can fly high hieghts that a kraken can go up to and sneak past hunters above them with the additional combo of warpblast to go to the other side of the map within a good 30 seconds xD.

In other words if your a wraith, you can believe your a kraken.

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Skywraith isn’t playable, she just zips down! >:l


but as wraith I went to the top of the map and past the hunters that way.

The hunters had no idea what they were doing then, wraiths traversals are incredibly loud and eye catching, you would never be able to sneak past anybody who had any idea what was going on by doing that

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That’s so not true. If the hunters are kept occupied by a sloth or any other loud creature, you could easily fail to notice the warping. Impossible to miss it without background noise though, I’ll agree on that one.

I was above tree leave’s theres no way they couldn’t see me without looking up xD.

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They’re still extremely loud, trust me, it wouldn’t work on good players (Unless you’re playing a flee til 3 wraith for 20+ minute matches and the hunters are at the point where they just stop caring)

Don’t shate the “top” secret wraith strats

I’m just gonna say that ways exist on certain maps and leave it at that and against teams with quality headsets

I wish i could still do this in mid combat…

why is the travesal bugged :cry: