Wraith is OP


Iv done with this game, but wanna say something. Devs, do you play in your own game? Is it normal then Wraith just running around the circle all 5 min on lvl 1? and do it again and again before 3 lvl. Hunters cant move so quickly as Wraith. I wanted to upload the video of this crap, but dont wanna back in to this game, anyway, i think many of players know about this strategy, or soon they will see it in game. I have 20 win streak on Wraith without this strategy, and Wraith is OP for pub its obvious, maybe on rank something is diffirent, but i just wanna play for fun in pub, not looking on this crazy circus. For better gameplay fix the penalty for hunter’s dying in the death circle, and for destroying the monster’s armor, or do something to press monster into a battle, at least Wraith. Sorry for my english, and goodbye.


hmm,weird,Wraith wrecks pubs but sucks against good teams,its looks like shes getting nerfed again


They do, that’s how they balance


@moderators, this is less a discussion thread and more a goodbye thread. Should it be locked?



Imo Wraith is literally the worst monster in the game atm. All of her skills can be negated by hunters and she gets only 1bar of health per evolution.


You forgot to add “bites the dust” to your meme.


are you serious 1 health bar per evolution well by by wraith


another QQ Thread


I wager the vast majority of players whining about the Wraith are newer players. New players always whine the monsters are op and since we have a huge influx of new players, there’s a ton of QQ posts.


Threads like this break my heart, because its first launch all over again. I’d hate to see this go down the same way, all because of one shitty monster.


How often did you see a “good team” in pub? Hunters win Wraith on pub only if player who pick Wraith are bad, very bad.


Wraith is as OP as Blitz Markov.

There. I said it.

Now you know who to play to counter both of them.


I have a 20 lvl and 1.55 win\lose, I was tryed to use different strategy against Wraith, Kraken or Gorgon, but anyway, if player are good, u cant do anything in pub. Like i said: I have 20 games on Wraith, and 100% Win rate, is it normal? Maybe i must continue to play Wraith and ruining all matches to Hunters, i think they all will be greatful to devs for this. If i will use this “running around and hide behind the rocks” strategy, i sure i will have 100 matсhes and 100 wins, and maybe without that :slight_smile:


So, if i use the Blitz Markov in pub i can win the Wraith who just running before the circle is down? Nope. He dosnt have any abilities what can stop this shit.


This is the real problem. You need to find other players to team up with instead of playing with randoms. Communication and teamwork will let you beat the wraith.


Of course it can be true, and then devs must write some message in start of the game, something like "This game is only for 4 friends with good skill, in other situation u may have a bad experience."
And if i find another 3 guys who wanna play hard in this game, not for fun, and we will beat the wraith, so, it is a fair enough against some random player with regular skill but picking the wraith? Im just talking about a normal Wraith (or another monster), who fighting in circle and never buy a silver and gold abilities, maybe have a few, but dont have a 3rd lvl of this, like me. I think its too much effort for regular monster.


I find TS Hank + Hyde combo effective against Wraith. Hank’s shields make sure that the Wraith has to stay in fight extra longer if it wishes to incap hunters and Hyde makes sure that each second spent fighting is a second spent taking DoT damage. This makes Wraiths put increased effort for a smaller gain in each fight.

And since most Wraiths I see fight in hit and run style, TS Hank always gets the time to replenish the shields. Then put in Caira for AoE healing, Abe for Stasis Grenades and you prepare a pretty disadvantegous battlefield for Wraith to come to.


Isn’t there a thread about this already? Can this close? lol I am tired of seeing OP wraith threads.


I understand you…
Evolve isnt newbie friendly game. If u just wanna play game for fun, just only for ‘fun’, maybe single player game is better fot you.

Oh and Wraith isnt OP. The truely OP is every hunters