~She requires a different mindset to fight. You can’t simply follow and fight like if she were a Goliath or even Kraken. She is always beatable IF YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

Get good and know you’re enemy.


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With an insane influx of “Wraith is OP” threads, I don’t think we need the cookie cutter “Get good scrub” threads.

1/10 made me reply.


Found this for you made about a day or two ago.


Are you kidding me with this kinda crap? Some players like me NEVER follow daisy or footsteps. We always gets to wraith n cut her out and by the time the dome comes up…MONSTER HAS ESCAPED…

Too fast. Too much damage. Goddamn dash. Frigging op complete invisibility…


There is already a ton of Wraith threads. Please use the search function before making another.


Agree you gotta know what to do but guess what…80% doesnt know what to do and knowing what to do only apply to mediocer wraith player,i just went 5/0 on evacuation with wraith just by the simple fact that it is too strong.

The kit let it do all possible style,make it too flexible too good,you got the long range covered,close combat check,speed check,utility check only thing you dont have is the super tankyness of the goliath (only have like 8 armor bar more i think?) and the weapon avoidance that kraken has (you know fly 20 miles in the air immune to flamer tesla gun mines harpoon trap damage amplifier and etc anything that auto aim and require a certain range.) but he cover that by having insanely higher damage and higher utility.

Like for example you fight a lazarus and a hyde,you down the support but cant stealth camp it corpse because hyde cover it with poison and fire,what do you do? warp 3 time up or back and abduct the downed teammate then warp blast toward them if you went back and then stealth,if you went up warp blast back stealth and go on the corpse,either lazarrus goes to it or it die and you eat it before your stealth end.

That is but one of it very few strength and possible scenario it kit allow,there also a couple of logic defying thing that whe will ignore such has marker radioactive dust and even scent disappear when you go invis,that aiming a skill demolish the law of physic allowing you to fall slowly (imagine if hunter could do that all id do would be to jetpack up with val and aim to reduce my falling speed and just constantly tranq snipe monster.) or that that warping attack or activating an ability does break stealth but eating or climbing something doesnt. or that the monster can stealth 6 times in the time the hunter stealth cooldown come back (cause you know as if the monster couldnt already see our footstep or our jetpack flame when invisible or you know just set use on fire or attack in a huge range with cleavish attack to hopefull stop whatever action whe do.)

An inteligent wraith will keep 3 warp charge or 2 and a blast because the moment you see the enemy on scent field you jsut warp opposite direction and by the time they get whitin trap range again (considering they had the jetpack to do so) you have your charge back while they are scavenging whatever resource they have left.


The only time I have lost with wraith is when I was trying to beat them in level 1.

  1. It’s waayyyy to fast
  2. Supernova is insanely op
  3. It’s so easy to get to level 3 with out being domed once.

This game has serious balancing issues


A good goliath is way better then a good wriath as long as you got a good trapper and medic your fine and Griffin and the first medic is the best to slow/trap the wraith


Ok lol… read enough of these threads, might as well jump in

Git gud - I do understand this to a degree and really don’t have a hole lotta issues when I have a good team. We get on her early and often. Divide and conquer. If you let her waltz around untouched until stage 3, yer gonna get whacked. Again, if the team ain’t the greatest, probably won’t end well. Methinks this will improve over time.

Being OP - with the above being said, my son played some monster in the beta and has slit time with em and other classes since launch. His record with the Wrath? 10-1 rofl. He doesn’t even specialize in the damned thing and hardly ever loses. Methinks something might be up with that…

Anyway, I can see both sides of this particular argument…


Thought you might actually say something we haven’t heard for a second lmao


The fact that you think all hunters are retarded and stupid and that they do not know “the mindset” for playing against wraith makes me think you should get your head out of your ass.

She is by definition the most boring thing in the game currently and if you dont see the issue with that then I suggest you walk to the mirror and start thinking deeply about your life.


This is a classic issue of trying to defend something, but attacking the wrong point of view. Most of us do not have a problem with her level of power, the problem is that she is not very fun to try and hunt.

Besides, even if you disagree, she does have a few issues that need to be looked at:

  • The fact that the Decoy getting attacked stops the timer and gives her a stamina buff. This leads to a lot of 30+ minute games because the timer gets stopped, and she moves faster if it gets attacked.

  • The ability to escape from a dome before it lands, even if the Trapper is standing right on top of her. She has too much burst mobility, and the fact that she can escape a dome with it is quite disgusting.

  • Even if you can counter it, the fact she can just Decoy and hide in the dome is a little bit silly. At least with Goliath and Kraken, they try to make it worth it by putting pressure on you and going for strikes.

Wraith is too much about running away and getting to Stage 3. This leads to a lot of running around, trying to find her, trying to dome her, trying to do some health damage, and then trying to do it all over again.

This is not about balance, its about the fact that most of us would rather fight something else.


fuck right off



Sage sage sage.

Shit thread is shit.


First medic? sure you tranq me i down you 25% your hp gone and you cant self heal so youl alway be my first target.

Better off being caira with an abe that your best chance.


Well said. I like the Wraith and I wouldn’t call her OP, but the abilities need some tweaking.

I would add to that almost every hit from her causing a knock back so you cannot dodge or do anything until it is all over.

I hate playing good or bad Wraiths. Bad Wraiths are annoying while good ones lead you on a 20 minute + marathon around the map N number of times.

I played one earlier in Evacuation and every single round in the middle of the match players were not having fun and just quit. We could head her off a few times but only trapped it twice by putting it up early with dumb luck. Then it just blasted around the outskirts decoying and then ran off. Rescue was the worst, she killed almost all the survivors by simply being so much faster than all of us that we had no chance. Nest was almost just as bad, she was able to bold around spawning Goliath’s then leveled up with no hindrance. By time we finished off the minions she was in the battle taking us out. Well played but we only got to one egg which was 59m away from our spawn. We got that one and died there.


Ur an idiot. Most games are “pick-ups” and the wraith wins. Even a level 2 wraith can easily takedown an ok team. If ur playing with an organized party, set up for the wraith then yeah its beatable. But we cant tell what monsters coming up and a wraith team isnt the best for the other 2 monsters.