Wraith is not op, it is just super boring to play against


I get that monsters must be strong to keep people wanting to play them. The other 2 monsters are a blast to take on, but the wraith is boring. The game turns into a run sim while you wait for him to run over and over until the player stops being a coward and attacks at stage 3…

Nerf the mobility significantly, and increase its life to make up for it. Maybe even buff it’s damage to make up for it as well. Maybe instead of having the dash he should have an ability that bubbles a target and makes it not be able to attack for 5 seconds, then make the extra levels into it increase the time a bit. But seriously it is just not any fun to play against.


All these changes are radical. They’d alienate Wraith from the others- something TRS is avoiding. I think she’s not that bad, but oh well.


I see a lot of people complaining about wraith and the game has only been out for 2 days some people are just picking up the game, still learning the game, still trying to get unlocks for other hunters. the game today will be different 6 months from now, as ive said before the devs are keeping a close eye on the stats for win percentage and if something needs tweaking then they will tweak it but if the numbers come in with wraith having a 50 win ratio then that means that people will just have to learn wraith the point of the monsters is to each feel unique and this will not be the case if you take its key defining features away.

Do not let this put you off the game I suggest going into solo and practicing some counters to wraith because I can tell you wraith is nowhere near as boring in to play as the beta, it could cloak way too often but now as long as your team is aggressive the wraith will not escape you.

If you want I will post some gameplay against wraith as trapper to show you some techniques.


Your trapper needs to run an inner loop to have the opportunity to catch the Wraith when the two members of your team flushing her cause her to burn her dashes up. Once she uses those up, it is easy to catch her in a dome. On the dam, trappers can run up and down the river and move to either side when the opportunity presents itself. Other maps are more circular and the trapper can pace along an inner circle. Once you find her, it is not that hard to predict her path along the map.

As Griffin, I like setting up a sound spike perimeter once I know where she is and hanging out in a mid point where I can head whichever way she flees my team and dome her. Then your team just needs to stay separated, about the distance of her supernova bubble or a little less. You want her to have to change direction and travel or warp to reach another teammate. The biggest mistake is allowing her to catch more than one person in supernova and up against a wall. If she downs someone and camps, punish her from a distance. If she decoys, keep shooting above the corpse to stop her from eating it.


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This is the issue. It’s not that its OP, its that its BORING and is picked CONSTANTLY.


Would like, +1. thumbs up, anything the thread title a million times over.

Not having fun learning to play against her.

Loved every second against the Goliath, and the few times I went up against Kraken were great, but after day two of the release, most games have a wraith in it. I’m actually happy when I see Goliath, and I see Kraken once for every two goliath.


All these wraith topics are driving me crazy.


These threads keep popping up for a reason.