Wraith is not OP if your team have mics


I notice this, Wraith is far more easy to kill (and fun to fight) if your team have mics and communicate. While the others monsters can still be beaten easily when you don’t have mics if everyone do their jobs, the Wraith NEED communication.

Just go and try it, it not only made everything easier, but way more fun to. And it’s way more significant than with the others monsters.


But it’s easier to complain on the forums rather then use teamwork!


Regardless of what you do in Evolve it’s easier and funner with people on mics, this doesn’t apply to Wraiths alone.


You mean like your post,


I guess you couldn’t make out the sarcasm in my previous comment.


Easier sure. More fun? Nah. Nothing will ever make chasing wraith fun.