Wraith is destroy pacht


Now the Wraith is too underpowert. The Shild is a joke, the Damage is a joke. For Exsample the Containers u can eat at both broken hill map u need 4 punches for desroy him. Some of that yellow round door u have to hit or run 2-5 sekunds verus before he broken whit the Wraith after the Patch your kidding me?^^


You do realize that they didn’t touch Wraith with this patch right?


i know i mean the patch on 17.04 or some.


I don’t think Wraith’s melee has been changed at all. They made some changes to her over a month ago, but I’m fairly certain that you can walk through the yellow doors to break them, and the containers should be the same for each monster.


Jes u can walk the doors whit every monster but Wraith is so underpower have 5 sekonds walk verus door, not funny. No behemop need only 2 hits for the containers.


I haven’t tried it myself, but I don’t see a reason for why the Wraith can’t walk through the door like any other monster (or take the actual door right next to it). Also keep in mind that heavy hits with Behemoth (or any monster really) is going to do more damage. Sorry, I’m just not understanding what exactly you are complaining about that is specific to the Wraith, it seems like it’s a general Monster complaint.


Walk/sneak with a Wraith on this round door and your no know what i mean. Thar is sad.


All monsters can destroy doors instantly the moment they walk into them. Therefor, whatever you are expiriencing is a bug.


No whit the Wraith the door is not instand broke by walk, need a hit or 2-5 walkdamage^^ is sad i know. Frinds have that problem too.


Then that must be a bug. I have never expirienced a door not getting destroyed immediatly as Wraith.


the doors break when you walk into them when you are stage 2 or 3 (cant remember) the other monsters also need to hit them besides i have never had a problem with destroying the gate/doors as wraith allthough i havent played her in a while


I justed tested it all out. Stage 1 wraith can just walk through the yellow doors, they’ll break.
And boxes do take 4 hits to destroy, but it only takes 1.5-2 seconds to do it…


Wraith is a dps race
you kill them before they kill you
but if they actually know how to play you will never win.


That is arguably true for every monster. The better one wins. Which might explain how I got wrecked as a Behemoth within 5 minutes.


@b1nge let me upload a viedo u see it.


Wraith is at a good balance level now, although there are still a few tweaks I would make to her to make her more tactically interesting.


Wraith / Kraken are the best Monsters at the moment. Goliath is affected by too many bugs (Leap Smash disappearing, Rock Throw not registering), so I’m not sure why you think Wraith is underpowered.


The feels these things make me feel ;-;


Wraih is littel bit to low. 2-3 Points more shield and 5% more speed and 5% Damage and its good!
Since the Patch NO player use him at swearing-in (nummer 5 mission in evacuation) and why he is too weak:


What is “Shild”?

And yes, nobody picks Wraith for Defend, because the only real choice for Defend is Kraken. :smiley_cat: