Wraith is definetly the best Monster in the game

I was playing against a Wraith. It found a traversal speed increase perk from a think it was a Nomad/. It probably either had Ability cool down or traversal speed as its chosen perk because it left no tracks. And it didn’t sneak. I saw it in the distance… It was flying. Warp, Warp, Warp, Warp Blast, Warp, Warp, Warp Blast, Warp, Warp… It only landed once every maybe 12 seconds to recharge, to eat, and Evolve. I happened to be using Jack, and I though great, I can make it less effective in battle. WRONG. Jack’s beam stops Warp Blast and Abduction but of course Wraith can just Warp through it. So the beam stops Behemoths roll, can push a Kraken out of the air or keep it suspended, it can stop a Goliaths leap but Wraith can Warp through it. Nice. The Decoy of course is can be stopped moving but just like the Wraith it can Warp on through. And let’s not forget how the Decoy seems to do more DPS than the Wraith and lasts too long so you are essentially fighting 2 Stage 3 Monsters for a while and attacking one of them doesn’t actually help you.

Jack counters all of Wraith’s abilities except Decoy.

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I would say after the patch the order of monsters from best to worst is…


She’s definitely still the most obnoxious and least fun to play against but yeah she’s all very good.


Sadly, I have fought tons of cowardly Wraiths. Wraith players that have full armor and yet, they avoid fights inside a dome :frowning:

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Unpopular opinion here: Wraith is the worst monster. It has almost no armor and that’s why they always hide in the dome. Crow’s bird, stasis gun and gun that goes right through the armor makes the wraith think twice about hiding. Good team for wraith could be:

Val - tranq to slow down it’s movement
Hank - helping Val heal, also can drop orbitals to get the wraith out of it’s hiding place
Crow- Will slow it down even more with stasis gun. If the team can’t get it’s armor down, at least he can do some health damage, and his bird will find the hiding monster
Hyde - Grenade that hiding place

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Wraith easily rekts the hunters. You probably get the type “Flee Til S3” but there are agressive monsters. When you fight one of those top Wraiths, you probably might change your mind.

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400 hours gameplay, I think I’ve met most kinds of wraiths. As long as the Assault and Medic is good, wraith is not a problem. Bonus if the support keeps an eye on the medics health and cloaks when the medic is in trouble

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Well, you haven’t met the other types. :smile:
Plus she’s much stronger now, I had so much fun as Monster playing Wraith. Not so much for Jack because It toook really long to find a match and then my team would be noobish.

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I call those wraiths false wraiths because they are not playing her properly. You play her fast and hyper aggressive.

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Yep, still standing by what I said though. I rarely lose to wraiths and I’ve played against a lot of them. I do lose, but I win more than I lose. All it takes is a team that does a lot of damage, and a spot on medic

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If you are in PC if you see this name as monster TysonL challenge him to fight as wraith and get you best premade team u can muster… You will definitely learn the assassin she is I know I did and my wraith play has improved like 100 times after playing against him a lot ( those stage 1 under 1 min wins were brutal ) he is currently ranked 3 in Global hunt as monster with zero losses.

Now I tried wraith and she is even more powerfull at stage 2 and gets more armor at stage 3 than before the amount burst damage to an out of position jetpack starving hunter you can put out is so good I’m just waiting for this weeks ESL to see her being used in some top level plays.

The Warp also messes with Harpoons often, and the Wraith can easily avoid any serious damage in Domes by evading instead of fighting if they have a mind to.

You guys want to hear a sad story?

My team domed a Wraith 6 times and still lost…

I take full responsibility

yeah how about no

wraith is unplayable with the autoaim traversal

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Wraith is an easy win for most players. I have never heard anyone complain about traversal before, I have certainly never been affected by it.

Crow is definitely my favourite Hunter because as long as the player knows what he/she’s doing then you can’t be fooled by a Decoy, adn you can just slow it. Wraith can’t warp through Stasis. lol

It doesn’t stop a Wraith hitting with Supernova.

theres now an autoaim on her traversals.

dont believe me? stand next to a hunter (25~m) and try to traverse up

best thing about it?

hank orbitals himself when ure like 5 meters away… u will traverse into it.

You know that you traverse in the direction you are moving…? Unless Wraith can now fly it is impossible to Warp vertically.